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If you have a growth mindset, this article is absolutely for you.

We just wanted to show you how “The Pathway” helped a High-End Commercial Flooring Company increase their annual turnover by over 25x, and we wanted to let you know that we can do the same for your business as well.

  • In June, 2024 ATS was successfully acquired by one of their suppliers (details below)

If that sounds like it is worth taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule then please read on. If not, sorry to have bothered you.

In this article, we will introduce you to a company that started out as a typical small business with 4 employees. When the MD was looking for inspiration on how to grow the business he approached The Pathway and ended up forming a Strategic Partnership. In just 7 years, the business has grown into an award-winning, multi-divisional, international organisation with nearly 40 staff that has increased annual turnover annual turnover by an astonishing 25x

‘The Pathway’ is not just a coaching programme; it’s a commitment to unlocking the true potential within each leader, fostering a culture of continual improvement and growth across the business.

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Where Did It Begin?

We’d like to introduce you to Jason Lister. Jason is Managing Director of ATS – Advanced Traditional Screeding a top-tier floor screeding, resin, underfloor heating, and consulting specialist based in Fife, Scotland.

Jason has been aligned with The Pathway for over seven years and is living proof of the extraordinary results businesses can achieve with the right experience and guidance.

Jason founded the business in 2014 and approached The Pathway at the tail end of 2018. He approached Stevie because he had taken the business as far as he could take it alone.

With the help of The Pathway, Jason went from a self proclaimed “floor-screeder” to boss of a flooring company to Managing Director of an award-winning, multi-divisional organisation called ATS Group.

The video you can see here relates to the first three years of Jason’s journey with The Pathway. Hear what he had to say about his early journey with us.

As a business owner sometimes you can be like ‘What do I do now?’ Stevie is always there to support you. If you feeling lost or are looking for guidance I can highly recommend getting in touch with Stevie.

Jason Lister

We Know it is Hard!

We know all too well the demands that come with running a business.

The endless tasks, the constant firefighting, the pressure to keep things afloat. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, to focus solely on the here and now.

But what about tomorrow’s agenda? What about the focus for next week, next month, or even the planning for your twelve-month road map? Has this been mapped out?

When does the cost of inaction actually outweigh the cost of investing in the future of your Team and the future of your Business?

Stevie Kidd

The Quantifiable Success of ATS and The Pathway

  • 25x in annual turnover
  • 35 Staff
  • Multi-Divisional
  • Award Winning
  • International Contracts
  • Industry Leading INnovation
  • Recognised and respected as one of the key companies in thier respective industry
  • Growth Mindset of the leadership team obsessed with developing their team

A Profound Impact

In this heartfelt testimonial, the board at ATS reflect on the profound impact of The Pathway, revealing a journey marked by resilience, growth, and unparalleled achievement.


Your expertise, honed over decades of inspiring personal development and facilitating business transformations, has been pivotal in our journey at ATS.

With your unique fusion of psychology, business coaching, and performance training, you’ve been instrumental in navigating the complexities of our industry and helping us reach within ourselves to unlock the potential we never knew existed.

Your narrative, defined by resilience and determination at The Pathway, inspires us daily.

You’ve been more than just a business coach to us – a mentor, guide, and friend.

Your strategic insights and psychological approach have profoundly impacted ATS, reshaping our perspectives, fortifying our resolve, and driving us towards excellence.

We sincerely thank you for your unwavering support and commitment.

Thank you, Stevie, for being a part of our story.

ATS Board

Change will never happen unless you make a conscious decision to make it happen. Your life and business change when you make a new, congruent, committed decision

Take action and make the change now

The Power Of Coaching

We know all too well about the loneliness when trying to grow a business amidst the chaos of everyday challenges. At The Pathway, we understand the power of coaching first-hand. That’s why our team is continuously coached themselves. We believe that without ongoing development, you’ll only ever grow into what you are now.

What is interesting about our relationship with ATS is that both ATS and The Pathway have ambitious growth strategies, and both companies receive strategic support every step of the way. At the The Pathway, we practice what we preach and it is this commitment to growth & support that makes us a catalyst for transformational change across the industry.

If you go at it alone, your outcomes & achievements will be constrained by what YOU know. If you have support then you harness the collective knowledge and make your potential truly limitless

Stevie Kidd

ATS Staff on The Pathway

But don’t just take our word for it. See what 2 members of the ATS staff have to say about their experience with The Pathway. Their success is testament that our programme works and that it can transform not only your mindset but also the culture of your entire organisation.

Ross Andrew – ATS Commercial Director

Ross was the first member of the team to be coached by Stevie, and in his VT, you can hear his experience so far.

Ross has gone on to become one of the youngest commercial directors in the industry

“Some of team have only been working with Stevie for 3 weeks now and you would not believe the mindset change you can see in them already.

Ross Andrew

Matt Smith – Divisional Lead, EnergyScreed

Matt started at ATS in 2022 and brought 12 years of industry experience to the company. He quickly established himself on the team and his aspirations made him a perfect candidate for The Pathway.

“Stevie shows you what you are capable of – not just in business but in your personal life. It’s adapting that for the rest of your life and that is how you will improve

Matt Smith

How The Pathway Will Change Your Life

Personal Development

Business Development

Strategic Development

Overcoming The Struggle

We understand the struggles you face because we’ve been there ourselves. Our goal is to help you develop a mindset that will ensure you focus on the exemplary aspects to grow your business and change the lives of those around you.

At The Pathway, it is essential that you can imbed certainty in your future. Once this has been mapped out, the journey moves on to becoming leaders who connect, contribute and grow, which is all about serving others.

  • Personally and professionally, do you plan in 1, 3, 5 and 10-year chunks?
  • Do you feel good for no reason at all?
  • Do you focus solely on margin, profit, people, and process as a business owner?
  • Do you understand the business life cycle from operator to entrepreneur?
  • Do you model against excellence?
  • Do you know how much money you make in a day?
  • Do you know your net worth?
  • Do you have a life plan?
  • Where do you live emotionally most frequently every day?
  • What does an extraordinary life look like for you?

If not now – then when? Genuine question… What needs to change to enable you to take action?

Stevie Kidd


In June 2024, the hard work and dedication of ATS reached a significant milestone as one of their suppliers acquired a majority share in the company.

This achievement stands as a testament to the relentless effort and commitment of the ATS team.

For The Pathway, this success is a clear vindication of the effectiveness of our process, showcasing the profound impact of our approach to growth and transformation of businesses.

Read the announcement of energystore’s acquistion of ATS here

What Other Clients Have Said

‘The Pathway’ has been an integral part underpinning the success of Megger in the last five years. Working with Stevie and Ryan has been a game changer for us. What’s important to me is to find trustworthy partners who challenge you to be the best you can possibly be and give you insights that you just haven’t thought about. Working with these guys is 1% participation and 99% journey – if you feel settled on something, then it’s not enough. I had the privilege to climb Kilimanjaro with Stevie in 2022 and these seven days changed my team and my life. Our company now thinks bigger, wider and more global.

Dr Jim Fairbairn OBE

CEO of Megger

True genius lies in the ability of a master strategist to have ordinary people think, see and achieve more than they normally would and to voluntarily reach for a higher level of performance. That is precisely the effect that Stevie Kidd has. His style is an eclectic amalgamation of noted leaders, both crisp and effective. He is precise in speaking to a person’s “listening” and, bottom line, the results speak for themselves.

Dr. Peter Levy


Take Control, Take Action

If you’re tired of treading water, if you’re ready to take control of your destiny, then NOW is the time to act. Don’t let another day go by without taking the first step towards a brighter future!