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"No one is bigger than the brand, not even ME" - Stevie Kidd


  • Stevie Kidd

    Stevie Kidd


    Stevie is mastermind behind events and coaching business. Over 3 decades of knowledge in business and Human behaviour.

    Simply an enormous energy of transformational change professionally and personally.

  • Ryan Kidd

    Ryan Kidd


    Ryan works alongside Stevie as Partner and Performance Coach. He has a proven ability in supporting clients reach their peak physical performance in order to succeed in their personal and business world.

  • Lesley Kidd


  • Tony Wilson

    Tony Wilson


    Tony has been a part of RYP since the very first event and joined the team in the second event as a guide for the 5 Peak challenge.

    For Tony endurance challenges and keeping fit is a massive part of his daily life and his own personal and professional development.

    Tony has completed a half Ironman in Staffordshire England and a full Ironman in Vichy France.

  • John Ross

    John Ross


    John Ross was born and raised in East Lothian, Scotland. After leaving high school John started a business with a squeegee, pail and a ladder. The company 's impressive growth has seen it expand into various sectors, from residential property to holiday homes and commercial properties.

    Following the enormous growth of CleanTEC, John started two more companies based in Edinburgh. He is a motivational speaker and helps individuals with personal growth and development. This combination of business acumen and personal development has enabled John to lead his industry in Scotland.

    John was a delegate of RYP 3 and has now joined the team as a guide and event support.

  • Warren Hawke

    Warren Hawke


    Warren has been a motivational speaker on the RYP event since its inception and joined the team for the 5 Peak challenge on RYP 3.
    Warren has excelled in endurance challenges since retiring from his professional football career in 2005, completing a marathon swim the Length of Loch Lomond (24 miles), he is also a double Ironman.
    Warren has established himself not only as a leading consultant within the sports industry but a highly sort after endurance coach.
  • Kenneth Morrison

    Kenneth Morrison


  • Jim Fairbairn

    Dr Jim Fairbairn OBE


  • Doug White

    Doug White


  • Ricky Mundy

    Ricky Munday


    Ricky Munday is a Chartered Accountant (CA), Polar Ambassador & Mountain Leader, who grew up on a council estate near Glasgow. From 2014-2018 he served as the youngest ever member of the executive team at the UK's national polar research organisation, leading the key support functions in both Antarctica and Cambridge.

    He attempted to climb Everest in 2017, but turned back below 8,000m due to low energy levels. He returned in 2018 for a second attempt, and on 18th May 2018 he reached the summit of Everest from the north side.

  • Les Davidson

    Les Davidson


    Les has been a Personal Trainer for over 20 years. He excels in making exercise programmes that are challenging, fun and engaging. He has many long standing clients - his longest has been with him for 16 years. Dedicated to his clients, Les will help experience the joy of fitness & movement. 

  • Taylor McInroy

    Taylor McInroy


    Taylor McInroy is a filmmaker from Kilmarnock, Scotland with over 8 years experience in creating digital, video content for the web and social platforms. He specialises in crafting stories around achievement, empowerment and innovation within corporate and public sectors. He has a real passion for developing new skills and utilising them within his work here at the Stevie Kidd Pathway & Reach Your Peak Events.

  • Bernie Hammersley


    Bernie is head coach at The EDGE Gym in Glasgow and plays a huge part in the preparation of our clients who enrol onto our Reach Your Peak Events.

    Bernie provides 1-2-1 personal training and takes you to a whole other level with your physical development, testing your limits and taking you beyond what you thought possible.

  • Steve Kelly

    Steve Kelly


    Steve Kelly has over 10 years experience in selling and promoting Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. Having completed his Master Practitioner, he has helped a range of clients start their journey in self development in NLP. A yoga teacher with over 12 years experience, teaching classes to people from all levels of fitness.

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