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This is an opportunity for you to see what you cannot see today.

The Stevie Kidd Pathway is a process and approach designed to challenge the status quo and uprate individual and team beliefs, insight and remove any restrictive and destructive thinking.



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Stevie Kidd Foundation

Stevie Kidd Foundation

Recognising the progress you make along the way within all areas of your life is the key to motivation and happiness.

Stevie and his entire team are committed to supporting you along your journey across The Stevie Kidd Pathway and we take your development very seriously.

The destination is to give you the tools and mindset to live the fulfilling life that you have always desired.

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The Stevie Kidd Pathway

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Reach Your Peak Scotland

A week long event of over 100 hours of intense personal and professional development, topped off with a six peak challenge across Scotland.

Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro

Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro

Take on the Roof of Africa alongside your fellow clients of the Stevie Kidd Pathway. Book your place today for our next event by clicking the button below.

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Reach Your Peak Everest

Take yourself to new heights by travelling to Nepal alongside the Stevie Kidd Pathway & Reach Your Peak team to trek all the way to Everest Base Camp.


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Pathway Protocol

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Stevie Kidd Foundation

Stevie Kidd Foundation


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Bobby Sutherland

Managing Director of LS Contracts

"We have changed as a company beyond belief but for me it’s about where my head is at just now. We have clarity and focus of purpose, there is no white noise in my head about what is going on, just a feeling of determinism and clarity on where the business is going.

I have been asked and I can categorically say that without the help of Stevie over the last three years I would have been in a much darker place over. Stevie is the polar opposite of conventional, but it takes a mad man to guide you through the asylum."

Jason Lister

Managing Director of Advanced Traditional Screeding

"Stevie Kidd is unlike anyone I have ever met. I would highly recommend Stevie to anyone who likes to push the boundaries and is wanting to improve personally and professionally.

I have seen massive changes in my life since engaging with Stevie. I think differently as a Business Owner and have a new range off skills, a new toolkit and also my work, life balance has improved since aligning myself to the Pathway."

Tony Wilson

Managing Director of Wilson Bathroom Company

"In the 5 years I have been coached by Stevie, both my business and personal life have changed dramatically. I now believe that with constant improvement and growth anyone can accomplish what they desire.

If you want to change your mindset and find out your true potential, I wouldn't look anywhere else but to Stevie Kidd. If you want something you've never had, then you have to be willing to do something you've never done."

Brian Farrell

Managing Director of ARDSA Project Management

"Stevie has helped me transform my personal and business life beyond recognition. It all starts with knowing who you really are, and following the path that he guides you to discover for yourself. In doing so, you learn more about your mind and the forces that drive you forwards.

Business and life have never been better. I strongly urge you to reach out to Stevie if you’re looking for a change in your life."

Omar Mohammed

Director at RBS

"Stevie has the ability to turn metal to gold"

Kevin Grant

Station Manager at FedEx UK Ltd

"Stevie is an example to anyone on what you can achieve with the correct mindset. He has greater motivation and passion than anyone I have ever met, as a direct result he has limitless potential."

Angela Constance

Former Minister for Youth Employment

"Stevie Kidd gets the results he gets because of his very unique experience in life and business"

Peter Rigley

Managing Director of Base Metal Roofing

"Stevie Kidd has the ability to create the life you haven't even begun to realise. Open your heart and mind, let go, trust the process and get ready to grow!"

John Ross

Managing Director of CleanTEC Cleaning Services

"All I can say is I’m not the same person I was then, not even close. When I reached out to Stevie I was having trouble with work life balance, not sure of my purpose and having some very dark days.

Since then we have built a very strong relationship up in a short space of time. He is now a vital part of my business team and also in my personal journey, we have big goals and I’ve no doubt they will only get bigger."

Dean James CBE

Former CEO of Ingeus UK

"Stevie’s unique style is not only effective but truly inspirational, his passion for making a difference to people’s lives really struck me. I would strongly recommend this life changing experience no matter what stage of life or career you are in."

Craig Alexander Rattray

Managing Director of Craig Alexander Rattray Ltd

"What can I say about Stevie? Passionate, energetic, dynamic and caring. He wants to make a difference. It has been said that he cares more about his client's journey than they do. My outlook and horizon has changed. I see things differently. My plans and goals have changed. I could go on and on. I like to say that Stevie doesn't give you a golden nugget in terms of advice, he gives you the keys to the gold mine. Highly recommended!"

Cor Hutton

Founder of Finding Your Feet Charity

"I’ve worked with Stevie on a few occasions and yet every time I’m immensely surprised at the extent of his enthusiasm, positive thinking and lust for a full life. These are all the characteristics I thought I had in abundance and talk about regularly following my trauma and amputations but Stevie leaves me standing. 10 minutes in his company and you’ll be sitting up straight contemplating what you could be and how far you could go."

Alan Thornburrow

Chief Executive of Salvesen Mindroom Centre

"Stevie understands people and why we do what we do better than anyone I have ever met. He has studied NLP exclusively with co-founder Dr Bandler over a number of years but also draws heavily upon 25 years in business to create what is a life changing experience on his programmes for executives and senior teams. Stevie is a catalyst for change and strives to help people achieve beyond their self imposed limitations. I would highly recommend working with him."