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‘The Pathway’ is not just a coaching programme; it’s a commitment to unlocking the true potential within each leader, fostering a culture of continual improvement and growth across the business.

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We unlock your potential and guide you on a transformative journey towards greater growth, productivity, and success.

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We champion continual development, fostering a culture of lifelong learning to ensure sustained growth and excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower business leaders and their teams to cultivate their true authentic selves, fostering sustained advancements in productivity, engagement, and overall performance across your organisation.

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With over 3 decades of experience, we embark on this journey with you because we are deeply passionate about the growth and success of our clients.

For over 30 years, our father and son team has been dedicated to delivering extraordinary results.

‘The Pathway’ has been an integral part underpinning the success of Megger in the last five years. Working with Stevie and Ryan has been a game changer for us. What’s important to me is to find trustworthy partners who challenge you to be the best you can possibly be and give you insights that you just haven’t thought about. Working with these guys is 1% participation and 99% journey – if you feel settled on something, then it’s not enough. I had the privilege to climb Kilimanjaro with Stevie in 2022 and these seven days changed my team and my life. Our company now thinks bigger, wider and more global.

Dr Jim Fairbairn OBE

CEO of Megger

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Kenny’s Belief

How do you explain what it’s like working with Stevie Kidd, to put into words, It’s like lying on top of a high speed train holding on as it screams through a tunnel. But the reward is if you hold on long enough the light is blinding at the other side.

Kenneth S. Morrison

Director, Advanced Financial Strategies Ltd

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True genius lies in the ability of a master strategist to have ordinary people think, see and achieve more than they normally would and to voluntarily reach for a higher level of performance. That is precisely the effect that Stevie Kidd has. His style is an eclectic amalgamation of noted leaders, both crisp and effective. He is precise in speaking to a person’s “listening” and, bottom line, the results speak for themselves.

Dr. Peter Levy


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