The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

Who we Work With

Proudly partnering with organisations that prioritise the development of their current leadership teams, high achievers and up-and-coming talent

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

We proudly partner with growth-oriented companies that value the training and development of their teams. Through our specialised business performance coaching and leadership training, tailored specifically for growth organisations, we aim to enhance productivity and drive collective success.

Our Partners

We select these organisations as partners because of their dedication to investing in their workforce’s growth and success.

Unleashing Potential – Customised Training Packages for Larger Organizations

At ‘The Pathway,’ we cater to larger organizations with robust training programs, budgets, and a steadfast commitment to staff development. With a range of solutions, including 1-1 training, group workshops, seminars, team training, and our exclusive “Reach Your Peak” events, we offer comprehensive options to elevate individuals to the next level.

Our collaborative approach ensures that each organisation receives customised business performance coaching and leadership training aligned with their objectives, empowering them to achieve peak performance and drive organisational success.

Dedicated Solutions for SMEs:

We also work with small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), ‘The Pathway’ offers tailored business performance coaching and leadership training solutions.

We understand the importance of investing in people for SMEs, and our approach is designed to accommodate their unique needs.

By working closely with SMEs, we ensure that they can provide valuable training and development opportunities to their teams, driving growth and success within their organisations.

The Pathway Benefits:

Understand and Self-Discover – Leading you to feel good for no reason at all.

What our Clients say


Stevie Kidd gets the results he gets because of his very unique experience in life and business

Angela Constance

Former Minister for Youth Employment

Scottish National Party

I’ve worked with Stevie on a few occasions and yet every time I’m immensely surprised at the extent of his enthusiasm, positive thinking and lust for a full life. These are all the characteristics I thought I had in abundance and talk about regularly following my trauma and amputations but Stevie leaves me standing. 10 minutes in his company and you’ll be sitting up straight contemplating what you could be and how far you could go.

Cor Hutton


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