The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

The Evolution of Our Journey: Unveiling ‘The Pathway’

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

In the ever-evolving landscape of business coaching and leadership training, we are thrilled to announce a pivotal moment in our own journey – the rebranding and redevelopment of our entire programme. Formerly known as “The Stevie Kidd Pathway,” we’ve undergone a transformation to better align with our current mission and expanding focus on developing teams within larger organisations.

Today, we proudly introduce to you: ‘The Pathway.’

Why the Change?

Our decision to rebrand reflects our commitment to adapt and grow in tandem with the dynamic needs of modern businesses. While the legacy of ‘The Stevie Kidd Pathway’ was rich with individual successes, we recognised the opportunity to extend our impact. The business landscape is shifting, and we are excited to now channel our expertise towards developing entire teams within larger organisations.

Focusing on Teams, Not Just Individuals

The world of leadership and performance is evolving, and so are we. By shifting our focus to teams, we aim to bring our unique approach to a larger audience, ensuring that the benefits of ‘The Pathway’ are experienced collectively. While our steadfast commitment to unlocking the potential of individuals remains unchanged, we now have the opportunity to extend “transformational leadership” on a broader scale.

The Power of ‘The Pathway’

‘The Pathway’ is not merely a rebrand; it’s a strategic shift that aligns with our vision for a more connected and empowered workforce. In the vast landscape of business coaching, we recognise the need to move beyond individual success stories. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of guiding entire teams on a journey of continual growth, improved productivity, and heightened performance.

Why it Matters

The rebrand underscores our dedication to remaining at the forefront of leadership training. In today’s collaborative work environments, the success of a business is intrinsically tied to the collective strength of its teams. ‘The Pathway’ is our answer to this paradigm shift, enabling us to touch the lives of a greater number of individuals within organisations, fostering a culture of authenticity, growth, and success.

The Excitement Ahead

We are genuinely excited about this transformation and the prospect of reaching new horizons. ‘The Pathway’ is more than a coaching programme; it’s a commitment to elevating entire teams towards sustained excellence. Our journey continues, and we invite you to embark on this path with us – where growth is continual, and success is collective.

In the spirit of evolution, we welcome you to ‘The Pathway’ – a transformative journey for teams, leaders, and the future of business.

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What our Clients say


After a meeting with Stevie Kidd you always feel more upbeat and motivated which impacts on the way you conduct your own business. It is easy to be motivated for short periods of time but all the time is nearly impossible. I personally have never seen him in a negative frame of mind. I like the way he says it how he sees it and doesn't muck about sweetening the pill. He cuts through all the nonsense to achieve his goal and does so in a manner which is easily understood.

Peter Leonard



Stevie is an example to anyone on what you can achieve with the correct mindset. He has greater motivation and passion than anyone I have ever met, as a direct result he has limitless potential.

Kevin Grant

Station Manager


Any journey starts with the first step!