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Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro June 2023

Another successful Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro Event with seven incredible delegates

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

The Pathway team has just arrived back from Tanzania after yet another successful Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro Event.

This time round we had seven incredible delegates from one organisation join us and over the ten days, it is safe to say each delegate went through a journey of self-discovery that they will never forget.

On the 10th of June 2023, each of our delegates summited Mount Kilimanjaro as a team… But let’s talk about the story leading up to this.

In addition, this was also a family event. Ryan, Lesley, and Doug all summited as one alongside the delegates, which was a very proud moment for the Pathway.

Day 1 – Monday 5th June, 2023.

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has formed an incredible relationship with Migration Venture Africa Ltd, which has led us to form a relationship with the local community and especially the Msmaria Orphanage within Moshi. We had given our delegates the opportunity to join us in our visit to the Msmaria Orphanage and we made this optional of course. We understand fully that this can be a very emotional experience but each and every delegate wanted to make a difference where possible, therefore we came together as one to provide the children and teenagers with food, soda, and interaction.

Without a doubt, this was one of the most emotionally touching experiences for the delegates of RYP Kilimanjaro. Each delegate came away from this experience wanting to contribute where possible to Msmaria. We would like to personally thank Amos and his team at Migration and also Philomena and the Director of the Orphanage, Mr Folkward Mapunda for allowing us to visit. We will see you again very soon.

The Stevie Kidd Pathway motto will always be – ‘Do Good For Others, Simply Because You Can’

As we returned from the Orphanage, it was time to take part in the final kit check before our travels to the Rongai Gate which is the starting line for the endurance phase of the event. This is where we really got to know our guides on a deeper level. Kim, Audax, Epa, Joseph, and Rama all lead the final briefing with Amos (Founder of Migration Venture)

Day 2

This was where we made our way to Rongai Gate, the official starting line. Little did our delegates know that this would be the moment that they left their old lives. Our delegates would not be returning as the same person who first met us at the Lodge as they stepped off their flight at Kilimanjaro Airport.

From Rongai Route, we would make our way to Simba Camp, Second Cave, Kikelelwa Camp, Mawenzi Hut, and then finally Kibo Hut before we made out attempt to summit and make our way to Gilmans Point, Stella Point, and finally Uhuru Peak, the true meaning of the Roof of Africa.

As mentioned previously this was the first time a Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro event was a family affair. It was great to have Stevie, Lesley, Ryan, and Doug together taking part in this event as a team alongside the delegates. Some very special moments were shared at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

We closed off our event with a full-on 5-hour graduation ceremony where we greeted our Guides, Porters, Cooks, and Waiters. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish what we did. The attention to detail that our crew put into us is exceptional. Thank you so much to Epa and his team. We then moved on to the delivery of our certificates and medals and this moment is locked in with you standing on an ‘X’ and receiving compliments from your team members. This really locks in your experience and trust in one another.

Our next event in Tanzania takes place on the 1st of June 2024.

We would love to see you there.

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