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Who We Will Be Supporting in 2023 – “Four Unbelievable Events”

This year is an 'Unbelievable' year for us here at the Stevie Kidd Pathway. We have some incredible challenges lined up for 2023.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

If you live by this motto in 2023, you will thrive.

"Serve - Give - Grow"

We would love to announce the three partnered charities we, as a business, will be supporting in 2023.

During 2023 we will be raising funds for our chosen charities. Finding Your Feet, The UK Sepsis Trust and MND Scotland.

We also have one of our clients completing the Stevie Kidd Pathway for the first time this year.

Peter Rigley is a client of the Stevie Kidd Pathway. Peter's initial starting point was 360 of himself and his business, which allowed us to create a business development plan to excel in all areas of his life and business.

Mapping this out then leads to the Reach Your Peak Events.

Peter is the first client within the Pathway and is currently on track to completing the journey. It has taken Peter 3 years to complete the Pathway.

In October 2021, Peter Rigley completed RYP Scotland; in June 2022, Peter completed RYP Kilimanjaro. Peter will be attending RYP Everest Base Camp in November 2023.

You can find out more about Peter and his business by using this link to his company website -

Next, we have Ryan Kidd going beyond by creating his own event. Ryan has decided to take on a Ten Peak Challenge in April 2023, where he will climb Ten Peaks across Scotland, hoping to raise £10,000 for The UK Sepsis Trust.

Ryan Kidd's Ten Peak Challenge for The UK Sepsis Trust

On the 27th of April 2023, Ryan will undertake his biggest challenge: a Ten Peak Challenge. His motivation for this challenge is knowing he will represent an incredible charity such as The UK Sepsis Trust. He has enjoyed taking himself into the unknown and breaking down the limits within himself, and this event he has created will be doing precisely that.

Ryan is doing this challenge in memory of Iain Carroll, who sadly lost his life to Sepsis on the 12th of July 2018. Iain served as a firefighter for the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service for 16 years. Iain was a father of two and a hero in his own right.

This challenge is one Ryan wants to share with as many people as possible and have his journey heard. Therefore he will be sharing the entire trip across his social media platforms. Be sure to check out Ryan's Linkedin, FaceBook and Instagram (@tenpeakchallenge)

Ryan also has some fantastic companies sponsoring this event, and he is very thankful for their support.

Before you choose to donate and support Ryan in this event, Ryan wants you to understand that he appreciates every single bit of kindness, and the generosity so far has been overwhelming.

More details about the charity and the event is below:

During the 27th of April 2023, Ryan will be taking on ten peaks across Scotland consecutively in the order below:

1. Ben Nevis

2. Beinn a'Chleibh

3. Ben Dubhcraig

4. Ben Lui

5. Ben Oss

6. Beinn Ime

7. Beinn Narnain

8. The Cobbler

9. Ben Vorlich

10. Ben Vane

His motto during this event will be ‘Serve - Give - Grow.’

This event is about creating awareness of Sepsis and its effects on families across the UK.

Please join Ryan in making a difference! To help Ryan reach his desired target, you can head over to his GoFundMe page using the link here -

Our Founder and Managing Director Stevie Kidd heads to Tanzania to spend time with Migration Venture Africa, our partnered company for our RYP Kilimanjaro Events.

Our purpose here is to promote the Stevie Kidd Pathway Foundation and visit all venters supported by Migration Venture Africa and see first-hand the impacts made across the communities of Tanzania.

Our wish is to support our partners in making a difference within Tanzania.

Our purpose within our RYP Kilimanjaro events is not just to conquer the mountain but for our delegates to conquer themselves and support and contribute towards the communities of Tanzania that our partners support.

We also encourage all clients and customers to support their desired charities so that the culture we set is all about Serving, Giving and Growing.

In March of this year, before our second Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro event, Stevie will travel to Tanzania to meet with our partnered company, Migration Venture. Stevie will meet with owner Amos to plan the event and discuss the work that can be carried out between the Stevie Kidd Pathway / Foundation and Migration Venture.


We are delighted to be delivering our seventh RYP Scotland event.

The new home of RYP Scotland is in the prestigious Gleneagles Hotel, where delegates will stay for the whole week as we have thoroughly evaluated the event and taken it to a new level.


You can click the link below to book your consultation with the team here at Stevie Kidd Pathway to discover your bespoke journey for September 2023.

The evaluation of our previous six RYP Scotland events has shown that this is an event that is ultimately life-changing.

Our delegates have mentioned that they think about this event daily. For some, it is the first thing that they think about daily.

We have our 7th Reach Your Peak Scotland event in September this year. We have a new home for this event which is Gleneagles Hotel. We are excited about this change and look forward to creating a long-lasting, fruitful relationship with this incredible venue. To find out more about Reach Your Peak Scotland and see whether this event would benefit you and your business. You can head over to the link below.



RYP Kilimanjaro 2 will be taking place in June 2023.

This journey is unique because Ryan and Lesley will also attend this event as they summit Kilimanjaro as a family.

They will also be raising funds for their chosen charities.

Serving - Giving - Growing

Our second Mount Kilimanjaro expedition will run from 4th - 12th June 2023 with a group size of 12 - 20 clients and delegates of the Stevie Kidd Pathway, where we trek for seven days via the scenic Rongai route and we aim to summit on Day 6. You can find full details on the information and preparation page.

Click the link below to start your life-changing journey on our RYP Kilimanjaro Event.


In 308 days, the Stevie Kidd Pathway will be completed.

WILL YOU TAKE ON THE EVEREST BASE CAMP IN 2023?"People do not decide to become extraordinary; they choose to accomplish extraordinary things" - Sir Edmund Hilary.

Like Peter Rigley three years ago, you can make a life-changing decision and have it all mapped out. In November 2023, Peter Rigley will be filled with emotion and a new sense of being, ready to take on the world.

He chose to grow into somebody he could not imagine back then and has been seeing parts of the world he could have gone through his entire life not seeing.

Click the link below to start your journey TODAY.


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