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Where do your thoughts take you?

15th March 2023,

Where do your thoughts take you?

A clip put together to sum up the experience we have just had in Tanzania with our new partners Migration Venture Africa Ltd.

Thank you to Amos Lufumbilo and his team for the warm welcome and hospitality.

Mark my words; we are about to create some magic over the next few years with our events in Kilimanjaro!

It’s openly documented that Stevie Kidd, from the age of 12 years old, has predicted what he would do in the future.

How has he done this?

He does this by being still, orchestrating his senses through nature and doing this daily. This happens because he enters a state of resonance within the brain, where the magic happens, and he can create and make what is in his head a reality.

The power lies when you can condition your mind to know that you can do so much more than how you are currently operating today.

For you to be able to see this and access this, you have to be silent and go into stillness. This is why nature is so powerful. 

Stevie’s message would be to stop admiring and take action. 

You may have seen this week that we have launched an incredible opportunity for new clients to align themselves and gain access to Stevie Kidd through a FREE coaching session, which will give you a flavour of what your development could look like.

Engage with Stevie so that he can teach you new strategies and provide you with a new tool kit to upskill and grow both personally and professionally.

Stevie Kidd says that we all have one thing in common: the same neurology, but how do we use it?

The concept of what we can all relate to is the power of our thoughts and how they make us feel and act.

How do we use our thoughts effectively?

How do we use language?

Stevie Kidd has trained his brain and has been mindful of himself for his entire life, especially across his almost 4 decades in business. When Stevie meets with clients, one of his objectives is to pay attention to the meta-program that clients play and whether they serve you well.

So what does Stevie do?

He develops you and empowers you to understand and become more aware of the unconscious, conscious and subconscious mind. Essentially, what he is doing during sessions is training your brain, and he is training your operating system to become much more optimal and effective.

It is what Stevie has done his entire life, and as you watch the video above, pay attention, don’t just look at the business acumen; look at how he interacts with others.

How do you think he knows how to influence other people?

It is because we all have the same neurology.

If you want to operate at a different level than you currently are before, personally and professionally, then take action today; follow the link using the blue button below.


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