What is “reach your Peak”

Our events help individuals learn about and adopt the tools to be an inspiring leader where you conquer yourself AND the mountain

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Embark on a journey that transcends the physical realm and delves into the depths of your own potential with ‘Reach Your Peak’ events. Beyond mere mountain climbing lies an opportunity for profound self-discovery and continuous self-improvement.

ReACH yOUR milestones

A Holistic Approach

Our ‘Reach Your Peak’ events are not isolated experiences but rather vital milestones along ‘The Pathway’ journey, designed to challenge and inspire every facet of your being as you strive towards self-actualisation, authenticity, and leadership excellence.

More than Just Mountains

Discover The Opportunity

Beyond the physical challenges of scaling mountains lies an opportunity for profound self-discovery and continuous self-improvement. These events are more than just about reaching summits; they’re about pushing boundaries, testing limits, and unlocking the true extent of your capabilities.

As you scale mountains, you’ll uncover the metaphorical challenges that mirror your path to becoming a better leader and a better person. It’s not just about reaching the summit; it’s about pushing your boundaries, testing your limits, and ultimately realising your full potential.

Join us as we challenge you to go beyond what you thought possible and unlock the true extent of your capabilities.

Reach Your Peak Events

Reach Your Peak: Scotland

110 hours, over six days, fully designed to understand who you were and who you are and see the road ahead more clearly. The programme is created to comprehend the authentic self as a leader.

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Reach Your Peak: Kilimanjaro

The purpose of this event is to empower leaders to change their ‘needs ‘ to connection, contribution and growth. Leading the individual to a leader who serves – gives, and grows. With these needs, your opportunities are limitless.

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Reach Your Peak: Everest

You have grown into a fantastic leader, and we have reflected on your entire journey thus far. With a realisation of who you could become, we anchor the journey to going back and exploring different areas of leadership to the leader you have grown into.

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Reach Your Peak:
Beyond The Imaginable

This event is an accomplishment of 4 peaks across 3 countries. Becoming a leader of global stature, a leader you could have gone through your whole life and not met. The secret in life is to live in the unknown – seek many opportunities that lead you to a revolutionary mindset of serving others and being different. First event takes place in 2025

What is The Pathway? The Pathway is an incredibly challenging, unique in-the-world opportunity and journey of self-discovery and continuous self-improvement. I’ve been all over this beautiful planet, from top to bottom and multitudes of points in between. I’ve done a myriad of fantastical endurance events in some very remote and spectacular places. There’s simply nothing else like it. Want to find out what you’re truly made of? The Pathway. Want to go far beyond what you are today? The Pathway. Want to experience life in ways you can’t possibly currently imagine? The Pathway. There’s simply nothing else like it. Nothing.

Doug White

Pathway International Events Leader

The Pathway Methodology:

Understand innovation alongside your senses being awakened and heightened.

Stevie Kidd

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