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8th March 2021,

Every day this week we will be releasing 2 videos on the benefits of the Stevie Kidd Pathway.

Video 1 0f 10 - Are you going through another week putting things off?


Video 2 of 10 - In what are the benefits are of the Stevie Kidd Pathway


Think of what change has occurred at this stage and we have not even started a journey yet …

It’s about honesty - trust - respect and rapport. We like to serve, give and grow at the Pathway.

Also Stevie and the team assessing if this person ready …

Ask yourself this, where would you be today if you took action?

Or do you choose to stay within the comfort zone of life?

We often get asked at the Stevie Kidd Pathway what are the major benefits of aligning to the Pathway for my personal and professional development?

Below we would like to outline exactly what these benefits are:

Having clear visibility of your business from 1 to 3 years ahead - Stevie maps out the end and works back from 10, 5, 3 to 1 year chunks.

We currently create visible evidence of business growth in multiple sectors of between 600- 1000% - Having outcomes of £500,000 turnover leading to £3-5 million over two years support as we engage with a framework.

Currently, are you focusing on the next contract? - Stevie has acquired open book partnership - preferred partnership across 5 sectors which removes you from tender processes. It's a whole new way of thinking and has been proven over a 20 year period.

We work closely in supporting a business strategy to develop from a single to multi division business - Many companies create more divisions that stem from growth strategy. Stevie has always grown his businesses from one division start up to multiple services.

Are you owed money over 30 days? - Stevie has always been paid in advance over multiple sectors over a 25 year period, and when engaging with clients he shares strategies and always takes aged debtors to below 30 days, sometimes current outstanding is the norm.

We help improve the process and change the beliefs of the subject aged debtors, we improve processes - If you currently have debtors (60 - 100 days), we support you in new ways to be able to take that to less than 30 days. In doing so we support a tight financial management support team around you by helping you build that team. Stevie works towards a genius board where this leads the business strategy.

Become the champion of your sector - Eliminate the Tender process by becoming the preferred supplier for your customers. Stevie operates to a mindset of being unique to your sector, you stand out to champion status, this means you have to raise your standards.

No more ‘people’ pain (staff issues) - In Stevie's book The 1% Mindset, pay real attention to Chapter 7 (The Absolute Power Of Influence). Learn how to use language effectively so that you can eliminate pain in yourself and others.Stevie had zero sickness over 10 years! No collisions or vehicle damages over 10 years! Stevie's KPI's excelled across customer and people measurements because of his methods, he shares these methods so you adopt the same strategies and achieve the same results.

Processes implemented - Air tight agreements negotiated between customers and suppliers - End to end provision of processes and commercial suppliers tightened. Stevie at initial stages of commercial agreement being signed shares his relationship strategies to lock all departments into agreement.

Full implementation of a rigorous recruitment strategy so that you avoid staff issues (People Pain) - and find the right people to help the business grow. Stevie never loses staff or has any productivity issues or people pain, his obsession with people and fully understanding the shop floor to boardroom empowers leadership qualities that brings a fantastic culture. Stevie shares over 30 years of strategies and results.

Capital and investment - continuous improvement through board meetings so correct funding is in place so that the business can invest and grow. What you measure gets done. Stevie brings additional finance support where needed from accountants who want to know your business and CFO who can forecast your future to give you certainty.

Develop a life road map so that you stop working in the business, and start working on the business - Increase your personal wealth from 5 to 6 figures. Stevie's most important objective with you, your personal wealth, holding you accountable to be rewarded and holding you accountable to come out of the trenches, he develops you in how to change the meaning you give business.

Communication Strategy - Board structure to board meetings end of month to quarterly board meetings - Individual accountability - KPI, Job Specs. Stevie shares a very comprehensive communication strategy he has over 30 years of business and people experience in locking everyone into one another through KPIs.

Think on Purpose / Understanding your Mind / Yourself / Emotions / Behaviour / Disc Profile - Chapter 1. The journey always starts with you understanding yourself, from life assessment , DISC profiling, to Brain Mapping, how much do you want to know?

Neurology & Mindset - How much do you know about yourself , Stevie was in hospital at 18 with exhaustion, he then spent all his years understanding neurology and how to do business in a much smarter way. You will self discover in ways you cannot even imagine today. Pay attention to the picture that shows you what you can do, rather than what you cannot do! As human beings we have been designed to have an internal voice that will tell you to ignore whatever feels uncomfortable, or situations that have fear associated with it. Never listen to any internal dialogue, be obsessed with finding a way to make things happen for the better within your life and business.



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