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What Are Our Clients Saying About Us?

September 4th 2023,

What do our clients have to say about us?

Here at the Pathway, we speak with hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs weekly, and those who express their interest in what we do should hear from our current clients and their experience through the Pathway.

That is precisely what you will see below. Hear from four different clients at different stages of the Pathway and see and feel exactly how they find being coached by someone like Stevie Kidd.

Anthony Caroleo, Managing Director of EPML FM has been a client at the Stevie Kidd Pathway for over 12 months. Anthony first came on board as he was looking for a mentor to work with every week. For Anthony, accountability was essential.

Having weekly sessions with Stevie is what intrigued him. Anthony really liked the idea that the Pathway offers bespoke coaching.

Not one client is coached the same as any other client here at the Pathway. Everyone's journey is different.


Because we all learn differently, we all absorb information in different ways, and how we view the world differs from how others interpret it.

How your spouse, your mum or your best friend views the world is different to how you view the world. When we are working with our clients, it is important that we work closely with you to identify the pace and the methods of working with you.

Peter Rigley, Managing Director of Base Metal Roofing has been a client of the Stevie Kidd Pathway since late 2019.

Peter first approached Stevie and Ryan to find out more about business coaching.

Once Peter engaged, he quickly realised that it was not all just about the business but instead his overall development as a human being.

Since engaging with us, Peter's business has not only transformed, but who he has become and how he operates as a leader is what makes the difference.

For Peter, it was essential to undertake weekly sessions, which he feels he benefits from most.

To explore your journey leading to new places and a new mindset, click the link and book your consultation. It's where each of the above clients started their journey...

Ross Andrew, Commercial Director of ATS (Advanced Traditional Screeding) has been a client of the Stevie Kidd Pathway since 2021.

Managing Director of ATS, Jason Lister, first aligned to the Pathway and Stevie in 2018, and as the has grown over the years and formed into multiple divisions, he wanted his team to experience coaching with Stevie and grow as a team.

Ross was the first member of the team to be coached by Stevie, and in his VT, you can hear his experience so far.

Matt Smith, EnergyScreed Divisional Lead, is another example of the ATS team that is currently being coached by Stevie Kidd and our team here at the Pathway.

Not only does Stevie chair the board of ATS, but he also coaches all divisional leads.

This is another great example of how a company is growing as a unit.

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