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Warren Hawke

What can I say about myself? I was consumed by sport at a very young age, engulfed in spending every minute of every hour participating in anything available that involved a pair of trainers and physical exhaustion. I was an underachiever at school due to my passion for Sport.

I moved into professional football at the age of 16, 18 years later I retired and needed a life goal, running and marathon’s bored me then in August 7th, 2011 I became an Ironman, the day after I began a battle with depression, Ironman turns a compulsory mirror on yourself and ensures you examine every detail of your own life.

The challenges kept coming and in 2013 I decided to do another marathon but this time in the water; Balloch to Ardlui on the ‘bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond’, 24 miles in one day. Add in another Ironman in 2016 and a few other cycling challenges and I’m addicted to challenging my limits

Now delivering various contracts across the Football industry and 3rd Sector, a happily married man with 3 fantastic children, these challenges have taught me to appreciate everything I have.

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