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One day, a gentleman came into the restaurant where I was coaching a client and he placed his business card down on the table and asked if I could see him on Monday. He wanted me to support him. This was a guy who gets things done. A can-do guy. A global CEO who wants to know what’s beyond their legacy. We make an agreement and move things forward.

I’ve got a feeling and intuition inside me, here’s a whisper starting to appear…I kept getting the image of the HR director because, this CEO, Jim, has already said, I think you coached my HR director… all of a sudden, the jigsaw pieces are starting to come together. I’m not quite sure how, but all I know is that there is a softness that comes over me that tells me I need to go deep. It tells me that I need to be as still as I can as often as I can, because you know you are going to find the answers, but you need to pay attention.

I fly down to London City and I’m taken to Dover. I’m sitting in Jim’s office at his place of work, and Jim stands up and he looks out of the window, towards Calais and then back to me and he says, do you know, I’ve always wanted to explore brain resonance and brain mapping.

You can imagine what happened to me right in that moment. It was as if my past had just met my present and as I looked up, I could see a clear future.

We had some amazing coaching sessions. When you are working with somebody who is so in tune with themselves, with amazing aspirations for the legacy of their life, it’s a different style, it’s like being in a bobsleigh. Get in and, woosh, you are gone, with that person.

All of a sudden, I got an email, telling me to go to London. I flew down, met Jim and he said we were going to the clinic. He’d booked me a brain mapping session.

The next thing I knew, I was in a room, with a woman in a white coat and I’m getting brain mapped. We have a conversation and go deep into the whole of my life. Then we get the results and Jim and I go for lunch and while he’s taking at lunch, I’m not there. I am in a state. A state that takes me to the next stage.

When I came back, the next thing I know, I’ve got a call arranged with the company that own the brand.

I’m then creating and developing that brand myself, bringing it into the business. Now, all of a sudden, I’ve got brain mapping AND the Stevie Kidd Pathway business. I’m brain mapping clients. Jim, who I work with to this day, is now supporting clients that I support. Jim is now a speaker on the Reach Your Peak event, on brain activity and how the brain works, how to plan accordingly, using toolkits and understanding neurology to plan for the next ten years of your life. In five and ten-year chunks.

All of a sudden it is all coming together. Is that because I am paying attention? I now have a business, Stevie Kidd Pathway, which is at consultation stage and is a bespoke, chairman, non-exec, business strategy coaching stage and then there is brain mapping. Then, it has three Reach Your Peak events: Scotland, Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, where brain mapping is incorporated into the business every four months. For those brain map clients to understand the science of what lies within. What if I’d never paid attention? Fortunately for me… I did.

It’s only fair, having talked about this whisper and a voice that is in a resonance of brain activity when you hear it. Sometimes I hear it in alpha, sometimes in gamma… what I’m showing and demonstrating to you is where I am paying attention and not missing any opportunity. I’m listening to my intuition; I’m listening to my inner voice.

I want you to explore and go deep. Go quiet and be still. Explore an opportunity when a person came into your life, and you missed it. Now that you are on the Stevie Kidd Pathway, you start to become more aware and in tune, in a heightened state all of the time. All of a sudden you have these antennae in your head that are taking in information that you are processing and signposting and saying LOOK!

Write down ten of those moments in your life so far that you have missed. Just like me, and the persistence of never giving up paying attention to the people that come into my life. Can you recall any signs that you missed in your life?

Email me at inspire@steviekidd.co.uk let me know. I am intrigued to know. When you’ve done the work and done the exercises, you’ll be amazed at what you unlock, what you unblock and what you awaken.

Walking the Stevie Kidd Pathway has certainly awoken you to living and leading your life to your full potential.

Extracted from ‘The 1% Mindset’ by Stevie Kidd, available on Amazon from 2 December

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