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The Power of Coaching – The Stevie Kidd Pathway

26th January 2022,

Midweek Reflection - Reflect this back on you! What would change for you by being supported across these areas?

"Always focus on outcomes rather than activity"

As people know, all development across the Stevie Kidd Pathway is bespoke. People often ask, what is it that Stevie Kidd really does?

So here is a midweek evaluation so far of the week beginning 24th February 2022..

Stevie Kidd's week can be anything from 4:02am to 9:07pm..

Number of clients so far this week: 15-18

Business Sectors supported: 7-9

Annual turnover from clients businesses supported: £1 million - £400 million

Example of areas in which we supported clients this week so far:

  • Supporting and implementing cash flow forecast - this empowers CEO's to have complete certainty within their own map ahead. So here's a question for you. Do you have a clear and visible cash forecast, minimum 3-6 months ahead?
  • Preferred supplier partnership strategy - coaching the board to understand the principles of attaining such a partnership. Do you focus on transaction or preferred supplier partnership?
  • Supporting a sales team to incorporate a global sales strategy - to incorporate and embed a global sales strategy with the entire sales division. Question: Do you have a sales team and sales strategy?
  • Commercial agreements / Aged debtors - Ask yourself this question 'Is your commercials air tight and are invoices paid within 30 days?' - Coaching, commercial and financial teams to dramatically improve the processes within these areas. Do you have focus and discipline in these two areas within your business?
  • Understanding the world of an entrepreneur - raising awareness of the world of an entrepreneur with company directors, so they can fully understand what it is like to take on this role, also developing managing director to see through the eyes of an entrepreneur. Question: what eyes do you choose to look through everyday?
  • Financial management reports - coaching business owners to understand the full complexity of Xero financial reports and the systems that are in place for you to fully understand your numbers. Question: do you understand your reports and numbers?
  • Accountant - coaching business owners in how to maximise productivity with the relationship with their accountant. What relationship do you have with your accountant? Is it reactive or proactive? How in tune is your accountant with your business?
  • Business strategy - supporting business owners to map out a business framework that can be executed for the future between 1-3 years plan. Do you have a plan in place?
  • The end - supporting business owners in understanding their business exit, do they have a plan in mind. Preparing owners for the sale. Do you know your exit?
  • NLP / Neuroscience - developing entrepreneurs and senior directors to understand the principles of NLP. Do you understand fully who you are?
  • KPI's - supporting board and senior managers to incorporate full accountability, being measured via KPI's and being incorporated into divisions. Do you have KPI's? Are you held accountable?
  • Board room strategy - supporting business owners to map out 12 month board strategies, the board is used to evaluate the past, have an awareness of the present and create, design and execute the future. Do you have board reporting? 
  • Rebranding / Marketing - supporting businesses to rebrand and fully implement a successful marketing strategy. Do you have these in place?
  • DISC Profiling - profiling senior managers across businesses to understand personality traits. Question: do you understand yourself? Do you understand your people? Does your people understand you? Does everyone understand one another?
  • Customer strategy - supporting board on understanding who they are not thinking about already. Do you know who your customer is? Who is the customer that you are not already thinking about?
  • Margins - supporting board on pricing. Are your margins correct? Are your services profitable? You can't manage what you don't already measure. Do you know your margins and numbers?

People often ask what does a week in the life of the Stevie Kidd Pathway look like, with Stevie's 35 years of business and life experience, the above gives you some examples of his vast knowledge in understanding people, life, business and neurology, and his ability to support and shift people and their businesses to help move them forward.

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has recently launched a book called 'The 1% Mindset' that is full of business and life experience and is full of pinnacle moments and evidence relating the all of the techniques and strategies that Stevie has. It allows the reader to operate at an optimum level within all areas of their lives.

You can view this book here - https://steviekidd.com/1percent-mindset-book-launch/

To acquire a consultation with Stevie and his team about engaging in the SK Pathway you can contact us on inspire@steviekidd.co.uk or ryan@steviekidd.co.uk or by clicking the buttons above and below you will be directed to our website to fill out a consultation / contact form.

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