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The New Home of Reach Your Peak Scotland

Tuesday 12th November 2022,

Over the last 4 years the Stevie Kidd Pathway has delivered 6 RYP Scotland Events. That is over 50 delegates that have experienced what the event is truly about and I think each delegate can agree that the event has only grown from strength to strength and that every event has improved each year.

It has now come to the time where we believe the home of RYP Scotland needs to change. We cannot thank the Mar Hall Golf & Spa Resort enough for their partnership and support since the birth of RYP Scotland.

Our new home is now Cameron House Resort in Loch Lomond. As of October 2023, Cameron House will be hosting Reach Your Peak Scotland.

The special thing about Reach Your Peak Scotland is that there is only 1 event per year and there is 12 delegates max that get the opportunity to experience the event. Below you can see, hear and feel exactly what previous delegates have said about the event and their experiences throughout heir written testimonials.

To find out more about how to start your journey, head over to our website on or using the buttons above and below you will be directed to booking your very own consultation with Stevie and the team.

"Reach Your Peak Scotland very intense. The coaching with Stevie is brilliant & I will continue to be coached by him for as long as possible however, this event was on another level. The attention to detail was incredible. The planning that goes in by both Stevie & Ryan is world class. Truly exceptional. I knew that Stevie simply gets results as I have seen this first hand and seen the proof of this but you don't expect to see the results that I have in the 11 months Stevie has been coaching me. My life has changed massively, I value things a lot more & I live in the present which I didn't always do before." - Ross Andrew Senior Quantity Surveyor at Advanced Traditional Screeding

"The RYP Scotland event is a completely different experience altogether. Stevie is a different person on a normal coaching session to the that of the RYP Event. He becomes immersed in the event as it has been tailored to each delegate. In a normal coaching role, this is covered as either a Business Mentor or Coaching Mentor. Huge changes have happened within me since the vent. I am far more aware of self-limiting beliefs, habits and other people linguistics and behaviours." - Matt Wilkie CEO of INS Group

"I have Google searched a lot of crazy events, and I have not found one that asks you for a week of commitment, training to lead up to it, and to sit and do the cerebral thinking part and then go do the physical demanding part. To me, it's unique in the world, and I love being part of Reach Your Peak!" - Doug White Event Speaker and Guide

"Reach Your Peak Scotland is an event unlike any other. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who likes to push the boundaries and is wanting to improve personally and professionally. I have seen massive changes in my life since completing RYP. I think differently as a Business Owner and have a new range of skills/tools also my life/work balance has improved since taking on the event." - Jason Lister Managing Director of Advanced Traditional Screeding

"I don't know anything like this.. You've got events, but there is so many people I've seen do this event now that I think everybody would be a better person for completing and signing up for Reach Your Peak!" - Warren Hawke Event Speaker and Guide

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