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The 10 Stage Process To The Stevie Kidd Pathway & It’s Benefits

March 11th 2022,

We decided to create a series of 10 videos to outline and map out the benefits of aligning yourself to the Stevie Kidd Pathway.

Below are the 10 video clips created across 5 days out the week:


Video 1 - Step one, enquiry stage. The is where you take action, remove the fear and it anyway. Take action by reaching out to enquire about coaching and then fill in the wheel of life assessment to understand where your are today against where you want to go then we begin to bridge the gap to get there.

Video 2 - Step two, consultation stage. Yourself and Stevie arrange a face to face or Zoom consultation to build rapport and gain a better understanding of what you are looking to achieve from a coaching partnership personally and within your business.

Video 3 - Step three, you have engaged, you now are about to take on your first session with Stevie Kidd. Session one is all about awareness and understanding emotions.

Video 4 - Step four, mapping out and allocating your time to the Pathway. How many hours per month are you going to invest in your development?

Video 5 - Step five, understanding the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Paying attention to where we are living internally. This is the awakening stage.

Video 6 - Step six, magnifying the senses and understanding more about your surroundings. Mindfulness and meditative state. Shutting down the left side of the brain and working on the right side of the brain. (The creative side)

Video 7 - Step 7, OUTCOMES. Stevie shares a story of one of our clients. Tony first approached Stevie back in 2017 and at that time he was lost, looking for his true purpose and passion within life. Whilst putting in the work with Stevie Kidd he is now reaping the rewards.

Video 8 - Step eight, a new roadmap and a new blueprint. Growing into the best version of you.

Video 9 - Step nine, walking into the unknown. At this stage we find that clients look to take on some incredible feats. Whether that is in the world of endurance, discovering a new passion and creating huge unbelievable goals.

Video 10 - Step ten, is all about structure. Developing a clearer roadmap, using timeline strategies in 1,3,5,10 year chunks. Modelling excellence to become the brand champion status. You are raising your standards at this point and continually raising the bar. Your processes and structures change and have a great board of individuals around you.

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