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The 1% Mindset by Stevie Kidd


‘It’s not what happens to you that defines your life, but how you react to it that matters.’

So, let’s start by getting you to sit quietly and ask yourself these questions:


Let me take you to the end of this book. Who you are, here at the start, will no longer exist. You can try and cheat, flick through to the end, skim it, but you’ll still be here, back where you started. I’m Stevie Kidd and this is the book you never knew was for you. Until now.

My own journey through the twelve steps is here in black and white. A life lived in ten-year chunks, refined by reinvention. By reading every chapter and undertaking the exercises at the end of each chapter, you will rise to self discover how far you can actually grow. Live your Pathway.

Be in a position to understand how far you can take yourself with a 1% mindset. I’ll be by your side.

The 1% Mindset by Stevie Kidd

1% Mindset

On a piece of paper, you draw a line at the top of page with 2 arrows draw downwards, above the line you write “I live here” and under no circumstances are you dropping below those standards for anything or anyone….

Pinnacle Moment:

I’m 12 years old - ahead of me are two lanes of a 400m running track. One lane is I run my lifeline and live my life how it’s being conditioned for me to live. At the finishing line I die a miserable death.or I choose to run the other lane.

In this lane, when I get to finishing line of death, I see myself sliding into my grave with a smile on my face saying, ‘what an adventure!’ It’s like a Harrison Ford movie. Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark…

The Whisper:

It is pure, and you really need to be still, very still and absolutely aligned to feel yourself
being transported away from reality in an innovation bubble that’s safe, warm and kind, then when you get to that point a soft voice appears pointing you to where to go and what to do… It’s how everything has been designed in my life. The Stevie Kidd Pathway is another example of this.

If you do not condition yourself to practice alpha daydream state as often as you can, you will never master this state as this is where the real messages come from. New thinking new form of stillness creates a new reality.

To understand emotion, you can master emotion. I wrote down the emotion I experienced every hour, on the hour, for 8 years, from the ages of 8 to 16, as I knew if I understood emotion, I could master my emotions. The average person lives in 12 emotional states, we can experience over 27 emotional states.

Stevie Kidd

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