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Stevie Kidd’s Infinite Vision – What Would Change If You Adopted this Mindset?

19th April 2022,

Firstly, here is a question to ask yourself: One year ago did you commit to mapping out a VISION YOU WANTED TO ACHIEVE?

What if you could map out in 5 to 10 year chunks?

If you could do this and connect to your FUTURE SELFS what would change for you?

Stevie one year on gives us EVIDENCE of how he consistently demonstrates his techniques and strategies.

Stevie Kidd discusses his hero strategy, the outcome of this strategy means its infinite and means he will never catch him. His hero is himself in the future. He will always be so far ahead. But for Stevie this is okay. This way he always has someone to chase. Something to look forward to and something to be grateful for.

In this VT one year ago Stevie demonstrates how he was chasing Stevie Kidd who had already completed the Conic Hill 100 times that then led to 144 times.

Now in todays reality Stevie is chasing a new hero, as the infinite Stevie is doing 10 Kilimanjaros and 10 Everest Base Camps. His whole life is about this strategy in 10 year chunks.

When supporting people Stevie puts huge emphasis on the present but also in mapping out the strategy of your Future Goals, and these goals being infinite, visible targets.

What if you could think like this, WHAT WOULD CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE FOREVER?

Thinking smarter, more efficient, more assertive, more dynamic, more visionary, more right sided brain,  living ahead of everyones timeline, bringing more creativity and innovation into your life and business.

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