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Stevie Kidd’s 144 Days Conic Hill Challenge Supporting Finding Your Feet!

June 30th 2021,

Last year Stevie set himself the task of taking on Conic Hill for 144 consecutive days..

Stevie Kidd strongly endorses working to help others as part of the Pathway. He has personally worked closely with a host of charitable organisations through the years.

One of the charities closest to his heart is called Finding Your Feet, founded by Corinne Hutton.

Corinne lost her hands and feet as a result of acute pneumonia and sepsis. As part of her recovery, she founded Finding Your Feet, in an effort to support families in similar circumstances. Since then, Corinne has since gone on to break 4 works records, and climbed Ben Nevis, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Corinne and Stevie work closely on many projects, including Reach Your Peak.

“Our charity partnership with Finding Your Feet and its founder Cor Hutton, is a uniquely close and personal one. I feel not only inspired by the incredible work carried out by the charity in supporting amputees to find their purpose and joy in life again, but also the mirroring of endurance events between Cor and I, and our mutual determination to push our own limits and drive ourselves to achieve more than we believed possible.” - Stevie Kidd

Throughout the journey, Stevie managed to raise £2400 for the charity and he was incredibly grateful for everyones support!

When Stevie first set out to do this challenge it was only supposed to be for 30 days, but then he decided he wanted to make it more of a tougher challenge and he liked the idea of the number 100!

However, Stevie's next thoughts were "Why not just climb Conic Hill every single day until 2020 comes to a close." That is where the magic number of 144 came from.

Stevie is a firm believer in "Success takes place, when we leave our comfort zone." How willing are you to step into the unknown and try something new?


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