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Global CEO at Megger Group

"I aligned myself to Stevie as my coach because he does not dance"


Entrepreneur | Multi Business Owner

"All I can say is I’m not the same person I was then, not even close.

I have engaged in a coaching partnership with Stevie for over a year now. Since then we have built a very strong relationship up in a short space of time.

He is now a vital part of my business team and also in my personal journey, we have big goals and I’ve no doubt they will only get bigger. I look forward to sharing the journey with him and the endless success it will bring. Thanks Stevie."

Director at RBS

"Stevie has the ability to turn metal to gold"



"Stevie’s unique style is not only effective but truly inspirational, his passion for making a difference to people’s lives really struck me. I would strongly recommend this life changing experience no matter what stage of life or career you are in."

Kevin Grant

Station Manager at FedEx UK Ltd

"Stevie is an example to anyone on what you can achieve with the correct mindset. He has greater motivation and passion than anyone I have ever met, as a direct result he has limitless potential."

Angela Constance

Minister for Youth Employment

"Stevie Kidd gets the results he gets because of his very unique experience in life and business"

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