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Stevie Kidd – Mount Kilimanjaro ‘The Power of Visualisation’

23rd June 2022,

As you may or may not know, we have just recently completed our very first international Reach Your Peak Event, taking our clients to the top of the Roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

This story that we would like to share with you is about how we have gotten to this part of the journey so far.

First and foremost, where did it all begin?

Stevie Kidd met a man called Doug White who is now one of our partners of the Stevie Kidd Pathway. Stevie and Doug met in China in 2015 whilst both taking on China Wall Marathon.

After the event had finished, Stevie and Doug sat down to chat and Stevie mapped out clearly what he was going to do with the concept of serving, giving and growing and that he was to be taking on events within the Pathway, one being Mount Kilimanjaro and Evert Base Camp and we are delighted that the first international event has been completed.

The important factor for Stevie Kidd is that he completes every aspect of the Stevie Kidd Pathway along with our clients and delegates which will take place next year on Everest Base Camp when we have our first group of delegates completing the Pathway.

Our next 3 events coming up across 22/23 is RYP Scotland October 2022, RYP Kilimanjaro June 2023 and RYP Everest Base Camp November 2023.

What happened in Kilimanjaro?

Stevie recently found out he had two viruses before leaving the country in his bladder and bowel. He also suffered altitude sickness whist having pneumonia at the time (which he didn't know of), however he did manage to reach as far as 5700m alongside the other delegates and whilst climbing up the ridge he decided that it was time to do the correct thing and get off the mountain with his guide Innocent because he didn't want to put anyone else at risk. Stevie made his own way back to camp and then was stretchered off the mountain by multiple guides and then transferred to the hospital via a 4x4 where they ran multiple tests and scans which then showed he had pneumonia which was clarified by Stevie's GP on his return back to the UK. Stevie always said "It is not about me, it is about my clients and delegates who are aligned to the Pathway"

Stevie Kidd and the Stevie Kidd Pathway is about serving, giving and growing and giving our clients the tools and strategies to strive and reach their potential and achieve the life and business that they desire. The only way that this can be achieved is by pulling themselves away from who they are.

When you talk about strength and character, Stevie's motto and mantra has always been "Mind Over Matter" and this was certainly displayed on Mount Kilimanjaro. What Stevie can do with his mind is exceptional, Stevie already had to overcome problems with his knee after key-hole surgery a number of years back and now altitude sickness to make it that far up Kilimanjaro is remarkable.

Stevie intends to build strategic partnerships around his unique event in Kilimanjaro that will be up there with the best in the world and to give the clients an experience one never to forget.

As the event was coming to a close, a 5 hour graduation ceremony took place with the delegates, guides, porters and cooks of the event and to put it into simple terms, one delegate raised his hand and said "Stevie Kidd has the ability to put his hand down your throat and touch your soul"

That right there, is how we sum up Reach Your Peak Mount Kilimanjaro!

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