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Who Were You? Who Are You? Who Are You Going To Become?

"Reach Your Peak will empower you to do more, be more and see more" - Stevie Kidd

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RYP SCOTLAND Daily Itinerary

Day One

0504 - 0544Arrival & RegistrationThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0544 - 0754Where It All Began / Discover The Simple Secret to Creating a New Life LegacyThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0754 - 0854Who Are You, To Who You Want To Become?The ParlourStevie Kidd
0854 - 0911Reflection Time (Quick Break)GleneaglesDelegates
0911 - 1031Quilt Quest - Evolution of a Life Focus and Personal Goal
The ParlourDoug White
1031 - 1101Reach Your Peak - September 2023 Breakout OneThe ParlourRyan Kidd
1101 - 1116What You Know Against What You Don’t Know!
The ParlourStevie Kidd
1116 - 1126Short Icebreaker Challenge The ParlourDelegates
1126 - 1226The Power of Daily Rituals
The ParlourStevie Kidd
1226 - 1346LunchThe Drawing Room
1348 - 1516Find The Strength From Within
The ParlourCor Hutton
1516 - 1621Your New Mantra / Future Self / Twinning / Chunking The ParlourStevie Kidd
1621 - 1701Yoga / Mindfulness
The ParlourMaureen Thorpe
1702 - 1732Reach Your Peak - September 2023 Breakout TwoThe ParlourRyan Kidd
1732 - 1832Understanding The World of An Entrepreneur - Part 1The ParlourStevie Kidd
1832 - 1904DinnerThe Drawing Room
1904 - 2020Understanding The World of an Entrepreneur – Part 2The ParlourStevie Kidd
2024 - 2156Unleashing Your Passion!The ParlourStevie Kidd
2156 - 2218Day 1 SummaryThe ParlourStevie Kidd & Ryan Kidd

Day Two

0533 - 0603Arrival & RegistrationThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0603 - 0804Breaking Patterns, Master Reset & Meditation The ParlourStevie Kidd
0805 - 0835Time For Breakout Set 3 & IcebreakerThe ParlourRyan Kidd
0836 - 0929What Are The Teams Within Your Life?The ParlourStevie Kidd
0929 - 1044North Pole or BustThe ParlourDoug White
1044 - 1104Reflection TimeGleneaglesDelegates
1104 - 1154Are Emotions Controlling Your Life / Time Travelling The ParlourStevie Kidd
1154 - 1327Where Will Your Why Take You?The ParlourKenneth Morrison
1327 - 1436LunchThe Drawing Room
1436 - 1636How I Became A Global CEOThe ParlourDr Jim Fairbairn OBE
1646 - 1733Yoga / MindfulnessThe ParlourMaureen Thorpe
1733 - 1803Time For Breakout Set 4The ParlourRyan Kidd
1803 - 1927DinnerThe Drawing Room
1931 - 2031The Power of Brain MappingThe ParlourJames Roy
2032 - 2119The Journey of The Unknown / Stevie's Endurance JourneyThe ParlourStevie Kidd
2119 - 2139Day 2 SummaryThe ParlourStevie Kidd & Ryan Kidd

Day Three

0532 - 0604Arrival & RegistrationThe ParlourDelegates
0604 - 0716Self VideoThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0716 - 0736Magnifying Your SensesThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0736 - 0903Serving, Giving & GrowingThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0903 - 0933How Big Do You Think? & Supreme EvaluationThe ParlourStevie Kidd
0933 - 0943Reflection timeGleneaglesDelegates
0943 - 1101Over The HorizonThe ParlourDoug White
1102 - 1222Overseeing, Managing & Measuring All Areas of Finance Within BusinessThe ParlourCraig Alexander Rattray
1223 - 1301Locking It All InThe ParlourStevie Kidd
1302 - 1414LunchThe Drawing Room
1415 - 1538Peter Rigley's Journey Through The Stevie Kidd PathwayThe ParlourPeter Rigley
1538 - 1647The Unbreakable BondThe ParlourRyan Kidd
1647 - 1733Yoga / MindfulnessThe ParlourMaureen Thorpe
1733 - 1744Reflection TimeGleneaglesDelegates
1734 - 1834Breakout Set 5 & Full Kit Check / Load MinibussesThe ParlourRyan Kidd, Warren Hawke, Peter Rigley & ClimbMedic
1846 - 1953Dinner & Interaction with Sean Rose Chaired by Stevie KiddThe ParlourStevie Kidd & Sean Rose
2001 - 2138From The Biggest of The Smallest Falls to The Highest of HeightsThe ParlourSean Rose
2138 - 2202Day 3 SummaryThe ParlourStevie Kidd & Ryan Kidd

Day Four

0346 - 0411Move To BalmahaAll
0411 - 05336 Peak Challenge Begins - Conic HillAll
0543 - 0829Move To Fort WilliamAll
0837 - 1537Ben NevisAll
1546 - 1733Move To ArrocharAll
1740 - 2110Beinn ImeAll
2110 - 2359The CobblerAll

Day Five

0016 - 0121Move To RowardrennanAll
0132 - 0434Ben LomondAll
0442 - 0458Move To BalmahaAll
0502 - 0613Conic HillAll
19:00 - 21:30Celebration Dinner at GleneaglesThe Drawing RoomAll
2200 - 0730Luxury Overnight Stay at GleneaglesHotel Rooms

Day Six

0730 - 0800BreakfastRestaurant
0830 - 1000Evaluation – Your Time To SpeakThe Drawing RoomAll
1000 - 1200ClosingThe Drawing RoomAll
1300 - 1400Graduation with Friends & FamilyThe Drawing RoomAll

Warren Hawke

Reach Your Peak Guide & Speaker

"I don't know anything like this.. You've got events, but there is so many people I've seen do this event now that I think everybody would be a better person for completing and signing up for Reach Your Peak!"

Jason Lister

Reach Your Peak 2 Delegate | Managing Director at Advanced Traditional Screeding

"Reach Your Peak Scotland is an event unlike any other. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who likes to push the boundaries and is wanting to improve personally and professionally. I have seen massive changes in my life since completing RYP. I think differently as a Business Owner and have a new range of skills/tools also my life/work balance has improved since taking on the event."

Allan Brown

Reach Your Peak 2 Delegate | Owner & Managing Director at AGB

"Don’t be afraid, put yourself out there, put your best foot forward and Reach Your Peak.

Drop any preconceptions, let things go and be prepared to go on a journey of self discovery. Embrace the challenges and you will be amazed at what you will learn."

Everything is not for everybody, but take the bits that are relevant, store the others as you never know when you will need them."

Jasmin Corbett

Reach Your Peak 3 delegate | Corporate Accountant

"Stevie is the man! After attending the Reach Your Peak event that he created, my life will never be the same. As a coach he is amazing, he is the most genuine guy, with an honest interest in helping others improve all aspects of their life. I'm so privileged to have crossed his path, what he does is hard to explain but it definitely works!"

Steven Malone

Reach Your Peak 3 Delegate | Managing Director at Evana Roofing

"Insightful, intense, emotional, enjoyable.

The bonding of the delegates, is like nothing else, every person was willing the other to succeed. All of it, it was so well organised and thought out.

Each speaker was brilliant on delivering their message especially Cor Hutton.

I thought the event was exceptional. Well thought out and delivered. World Class!"

Joe Wilson

Reach Your Peak 3 Delegate | Creator/Director/Owner at Guitar53

"Ooft! Where do I start? The first 3 days were the absolute making of the event. It's where all the change starts. The 3 X's activity was the exact moment that the picture started changing for me and everything after just kept reinforcing that. Seeing the other guys going through it and embracing it made it all the more powerful"

Peter O'Connell

Reach Your Peak 4 Delegate | Senior Executive Officer

"When I first met Stevie I was lost, going through a difficult period. I now feel much more focussed, in balance and confident about the future. There is a lot more for me to learn from the experience. Trusting the process is key!

Do it, approach it with an open mind and heart and dive in to experience. You will grow in the process."

Lesley Ross

Reach Your Peak 4 Delegate | Business Development Director

"On the event you have no distractions, you are fully immersed in the experience and you allow yourself to think bigger and truly engage with the messages.

Dot it! You owe it to yourself. Truly eye opening and I would recommend it to anyone."

Jonny McKillop

Reach Your Peak 4 Delegate | Managing Director at Logan Installations

"Along with attending the RYP Event, Stevie has helped me in the last year in my business and personal growth by making simple but effective changes in my mindset. His leadership skills are second to none and I would highly recommend, I am looking forward to the journey we are on and the growth that will come with it."

Sean Rose

Reach Your Peak Speaker

"It's a real journey for the delegates, and to see them going through it, their brains are fried. He's asking the delegates and making the delegates reach pretty deep, and it all begins with Stevie Kidd.

I can honestly say he's got an uncanny magical way of taking you to a part of your brain where it all makes sense, and he unwraps and offers you tools to help you succeed in whatever you wish to do."

Doug White

Reach Your Peak Speaker | Extreme Marathon Runner

"I have Google searched a lot of crazy events, and I have not found one that asks you for a week of commitment, training to lead up to it, and to sit and do the cerebral thinking part and then go do the physical demanding part.

To me, it's unique in the world, and I love being part of Reach Your Peak!"

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