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"The best investment you can make is in yourself"

Stevie Kidd


Some would consider Stevie a serial entrepreneur. He has been at the helm of several different businesses, which he has driven from start-up to seven figures.

He’s also experienced crushing defeats, from which he returned and rebuilt, as part of  his own personal journey. He understands more than anyone what it takes to succeed, in your personal life, in business and in fitness and he has the tools to take you there.


Ryan is the Managing Partner of The Stevie Kidd Pathway, as well as a coach in his own right. Stevie and Ryan, father and son, work in tandem, accompanying clients in their self-development, self-awareness, personal accountability, self discovery and providing them with the tools to explore and achieve their full potential.

These four skills are the keys to a successful personal vision and a road map of the future that Pathway clients will create for themselves. From a very young age Ryan's passion for fitness, health and exercise was at an all time high which then led him to assisting the clients of the Stevie Kidd Pathway achieve their desired results with their physical development.

Ryan Kidd
Doug White


Never one to do things in half measures, Doug took up marathons in a big way during 2010 with the goal of running 31 of them, using the T-shirts to have a quilt made in honor of his late mother. Easily done in the US you would think – but where’s the challenge in that when you can tackle the most difficult marathons in the world along the way!

Some of his Marathons include Great Wall of China, Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail Marathon (finish line over looks Machu Picchu), Antarctica, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, North Pole Marathon, Disney Marathon Weekend (4 races in 4 days). His quest culminated in November 2017, when he tackled the ancient original marathon course dating back over 2500 years – Athens!

Doug is one of a small number of people to have completed a recognised marathon on all seven continents and the North Pole – and he’s only been running them since he turned 39 years old!


An avid goal setter and meditator for over 25 years, his original ‘big goal’ was to travel the world; now one of his goals is to travel to 100 countries of the world (he currently sits at 68). He’s written 4 books on business and personal development, and is currently working on a project looking at meditation, brain scanning and goal achievement.

He developed a passion in the early nineties for personal development and has worked directly with many world-class practitioners including Jack Black, Anthony Robbins, David Shephard and now Stevie Kidd. Dr Jim shares his journey on how he became a global CEO and his passion for goal setting and achieving these goals.

Jim Fairbairn
Kenneth Morrison


A high flyer in the financial world and a dedicated father of 3, in 2009 Kenny couldn’t swim, couldn’t remember the last time he had ridden a bike and his running left a lot to be desired. He wasn’t the fittest and he had no idea what a Triathlon was! Fast forward to 2019 he can swim, ride a bike, run, knows intimately what a triathlon is having completed 6 of the toughest of them around the world, as he boldly entered and conquered the Ironman world.

Kenny will share with you the stories, strategies, successes and struggles of how his life changed so dramatically in the past decade and show you how the skills, strengths and mindsets he has used in the financial world have helped him on that journey. This incredible journey hasn't just had a positive impact on his personal life, career, but has also translated into huge impact on his career too. Kenny can show you how making such significant changes can impact every area of YOUR life too.


Sean broke his back in a freak Ski accident in Feb 2000. Since then he’s realised his dreams, surpassed expectations and is enjoying his new life as a wheelie. His incredible presentation is about overcoming adversity and surpassing expectations.

Sean is a World Champion Disabled Water Skier, World Cup Gold Downhill Ski racer, Winter X Games medalist, Double Winter Paralympian, Paralympics GB Athlete Ambassador, Adventurer, Motivational Guest Speaker, Adaptive equipment designer, Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation Ambassador, Powerkite Instructor, Snowkiter/Kitesurfer, HQ Kite Team Rider, Motorbiker, Children’s University Trust Chancellor and now a qualified N PPL(m) and Paramotor Pilot, and much more.

Sean has also been involved in being a Channel 4 Paralympic reporter and commentator for Korea 2018, Rio 2016, Sochi 2014, Invictus Games the BBC and The One Show plus appeared on ITV – Celebrity Eggheads.

Corinne Hutton


When super-fit businesswoman Cor Hutton fell ill at age 43 in June 2013 after suffering acute pneumonia and septicemia, surgeons were forced to amputate both her hands and her legs below the knee. Following her near-fatal illness, single mum Cor made remarkably swift progress, defying the odds and the doctors, walking unaided on prosthetic legs within four months. With her enormously charming, confident and charismatic persona, Cor now devotes her life to supporting others who face limb loss, by encouraging, mentoring, speaking, motivating and inspiring.

Cor is the founder of Finding Your Feet Charity, a campaigner and the very first ever Scot to receive a double hand transplant. Her presentation on Reach Your Peak inspires each and every delegate to become the best possible version of themselves.


Warren was consumed by sport at a very young age, engulfed in spending every minute of every hour participating in anything available that involved a pair of trainers and physical exhaustion. Warren moved into professional football at the age of 16, 18 years later he retired and needed a life goal, running and marathon’s bored him then in August 7th, 2011 he became an Ironman, the day after he began a battle with depression, Ironman turns a compulsory mirror on yourself and ensures you examine every detail of your own life.

The challenges kept coming and in 2013 he decided to do another marathon but this time in the water; Balloch to Ardlui on the ‘bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond’, 24 miles in one day. Add in another Ironman in 2016 and a few other cycling challenges and he's addicted to challenging his limits. Now delivering various contracts across the Football industry and 3rd Sector, a happily married man with 3 fantastic children, these challenges have taught him to appreciate everything he has.

Warren Hawke
Ricky Mundy


Ricky Munday is an inspirational speaker, international expedition leader, Red Cross delegate and Chartered Accountant. To overcome redundancy, in 2004 he completed the toughest footrace on earth – the 150-mile Marathon des Sables. With a decade of expedition experience behind him, he reached the highest point on earth - the summit of Mount Everest - on 18th May 2018. He’s since visited over 170 schools and businesses across the UK to deliver inspirational talks to over 26,000 people.

He has spoken at many of the UK’s leading independent schools, and corporate clients include Citrix, BP, Deloitte, Barclays Corporate Banking, Scottish Power Renewables, ICAS, Research Councils UK, Scot JCB & the National STEM Learning Centre. He speaks about perseverance, developing resilience, goal-setting and overcoming adversity. A qualified Mountain Leader and Polar Ambassador who grew up on a council estate, Ricky founded Inspire Alpine as a social enterprise to help close the attainment gap that exists between disadvantaged young people and their peers.


Craig Alexander Rattray has been advising entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies for almost thirty years. A Chartered Accountant by training, Craig Alexander received offers from all of the big six global firms and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 with significant corporate finance experience. Six years in private equity and venture capital followed with significant gains made in multiple investments.

The next ten years included spells in industry working for a New York Stock Exchange listed company, partnership with a former colleague in SME corporate development, and a role as full-time consultant (Group CFO/Corporate Finance Director) to a British Virgin Island’s based group of companies focusing on investment in commercial and industrial property, leading investment transactions of over €1 billion over six months.

Craig Alexander Rattray


Jamie is Brainworks' client liaison, Director of Research and Development, co-founder of Brainworks and Transformational Retreats. He keeps us up-to-date on all the latest technical wizardry, keeps us 'web-connected' and develops new tools to keep us ahead.

As well as continued involvement with clients, Jamie is currently in Costa Rica writing a book on the brain and self-development. Over the last six years he conceptualised, designed and built our home training platorms, and contines to develop innovative new ways to deliver qualtiy brain training.

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