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Reach Your Peak Scotland – A Look Back At The Journey So Far

24th May 2021,

In just over 130 days time we have clients of the Stevie Kidd Pathway taking on Reach Your Peak Scotland 5!

We wanted to share with the delegates exactly what it takes to be involved in Reach Your Peak Scotland. What it takes to be a delegate of such a unique event.

Ryan and Stevie talked about creating a VT and launching it to the world to share the stories and the journeys so far of previous delegates and allow these delegates to share their experience on the event.

We also wanted to ask the delegates a select few important questions such as:

  1. What have been the noticeable changes in your life and business since engaging in the Pathway and RYP?

  2. What were the memorable moments that took place when you were apart of RYP?

  3. What advice and messages do you have for future delegates?

  4. How do you prepare for an event like Reach Your Peak?

Listen closely to what the delegates have to say, allow yourself to feel exactly what shift has occurred within them.

Pay real attention to who they were to who they are now!

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