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Reach Your Peak Scotland 7 – An Event Like No Other …

Wednesday 28th June 2023,

Reach Your Peak Scotland 7 – An Event Like No Other …


We here at the Pathway are excited to announce our 7th Reach Your Peak Scotland Event at Gleneagles Hotel in September 2024. However, the first stop is in just 83 days, where we will host an RYP Scotland Open Day for those interested in learning more about what RYP Scotland entails and what your experience will be like.

This is an incredible experience for you to feel the ENERGY in the room of what it will take for YOU to take on the life-challenging event that will challenge YOU as no other event CAN; it will completely transform YOUR life and business as it has for 40 previous delegates before you.

Above, you can hear a quick overview from two of our guest speakers, Warren Hawke and Sean Rose.

During the Open Day, you will have the opportunity to hear from speakers and previous delegates about what it takes to be a part of a Reach Your Peak Scotland event. They will be discussing what the benefits are of participating in this event and what is unique about it.

Every one of our guest speakers has achieved phenomenal feats in their lifetime and it is important for us as a team to share with our delegates what is truly impossible. It is an opportunity for our delegates to acquire the toolkit to take their lives to another level.

You will also have the opportunity to speak with previous delegates who have experienced this event which is always powerful.

The Benefits of Attending Such a prestigious event – How Delegates Describe the Benefits
> Know who you are and clearly understand what you want and where you are heading – Being able to see much further than you have ever seen before.

> Create a monumental vision for your business that reignites your passion and purpose.

> Understand emotions so you can your master emotions.

> Understand Leadership – What are the traits to be an inspiring leader?

> Understand an entrepreneurial spirit – Become aware of how to think and be entrepreneurial.

> Understand the brain functionality – Be trained in how to use YOUR brain.

> Understand and Self-Discover – Leading you to feel good for no reason at all.

> Acquire the tools to understand how to take your business to a whole new level.

> Improve your relationships and how to communicate by understanding yourself and then leading to understanding others around you.

> Understand innovation alongside your senses being awakened and heightened.

> Understand the minds and your own neurology.

> Break through limitations of what you thought was possible to an awareness achieved of what is possible.

> Understanding your neurology leads to understanding others.

> Be able to see what you could not see before – Have the ability to think multiple different ways.

> Become aware of the seven forces of Business Mastery – Discover the surprising and critical factors holding your business back.

Learn how to use changes in the economy as opportunities instead of letting them become roadblocks.

> Find Your Passion and Find Your Purpose, which will, in turn, change the direction your life is going in; you’ll start to live the life you want.

What Do Previous Delegates Have To Say?

Richard Magennis – Sales Director at Tri-Fix Construction Fixings

Peter Rigley – Managing Director at Base Metal Roofing

Ross Andrew – Quantity Surveyor at Advanced Traditional Screeding Ltd

Sean Brown – Managing Director at Brown Bathroom Co & Sean Brown Plumbing and Heating

Chris Peters – Owner of Caradog Pizza

David Stewart – Senior Project Manager (Asia)

Joe Wilson – Founder of Guitar 53

To register your interest for our RYP Scotland Open Day, click here to put your name forward –

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