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Reach Your Peak Scotland 6 – October 2021

October 13th 2021,

After yet another successful Reach Your Peak Scotland event we would like to share with you the stories and the journey's of each delegates below..

Delegates of Reach Your Peak immerse theirselves in 3 whole days of personal and professional development under Stevie Kidd, Ryan Kidd and the rest of the team.

Below you can see, hear and feel exactly what clients say about this incredible event before they take on the closing ceremony and graduation.

Peter Rigley from Base Metal Roofing describing his experience of Reach Your Peak Scotland!

Chris Peters summing up his experience of Reach Your Peak Scotland!

Ann-Marie Barioti at Day 6 of Reach Your Peak Scotland summing up her experience of Reach Your Peak Scotland!

James Dawson discussing how he feels on Fay 6 of Reach Your Peak 6!

Sean Brown of Sean Brown Plumbing and Heating explaining his experience of Reach Your Peak Scotland!

Steve Kelly describing how he feels after Reach Your Peak Scotland 6!

This gives you a better and clearer understanding of what each delegate takes from 6 days of development under The Stevie Kidd Pathway.

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