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Quantum Jumping – The Inner Dimensional Quest For a Better You

Day dreaming is thinking.

Your intent makes the day dream an escape from reality, a simple recreation, or a creative resource. When you direct your day dream towards a specific objective, it becomes a powerful tool for you to use to better your life.

Your eyes see things as they are, your daydreams see things as they could be. Your mind activates your dreams through your physical actions. But All achievements, whether they are of a financial, personal or universal nature, begin with a dream of a successful end result – a day dream.

When you alter the thoughts that have become beliefs in your mind then time comes into play while you adjust to a new situation. Your body is used to reacting to certain beliefs without question and when a new idea comes along to chip away at that belief the idea may or may not be accepted by your mind in a timely fashion. Your beliefs are like a radio, receiving only transmissions that are in tune with that belief.

When you change the belief the new signals may be filled with static. This is all taken into consideration with the use and development of Quantum Jumping.

The more you utilise quantum jumping to seek out a twin self who has already solved the problem, or adjusted the situation that you are working on the more successful you will be.

The goal should be a change in attitude so that you can just daydream the positive end result of any situation. This will build your self esteem and confidence and motivate you to take actions you would not have taken with an attitude of defeat or doubt.

Jump into a universe of infinite possibilities.

The abundant you. The inventor you. The creative you.

In alternative universes, everything you have always desired may have already taken place. Tap into this infinite potential with quantum jumping.

Practice Beauty - The Art & Neuroscience of Freedom.

There is a place where all things begin, the place of pure energy that simply "is" the place of the power that awaits us when we allow ourselves to venture beyond the limits of what we have always believed to be possible in our lives. Joining the long separated worlds of science and spirit. Accessing the most powerful tools from each discipline creates a fertile environment to awaken to the power of the higher brain. To awaken to the experience of inner peace, vast insight and extraordinary creativity that define the experience of enlightenment.

“Practice Beauty, possibility to apply to the mysteries of our everyday lives”

“Learn to expect what you can't imagine will happen!"

A strategy I use when working with certain clients.

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