How to Run the Third Hardest Marathon in the World – From a Non-Runner (eBook)


How to Consistently Have a Relationship with Discomfort.

The Great Wall of China Marathon – from a non-runner, with just twenty-seven weeks training.

Have you ever in your life taken on a challenge like this? How do you even begin to take on such a mammoth task?

You must ask yourself a question when you do, one which I had to ask myself at the time.

“Do you know who you were?”
“Do you know who you are?”

“Are you really drawn to knowing who you are going to become?” By being in a daydream state you will be drawn more to find out and discover the answer to that question.

At that point of asking that question of yourself, if the answer to it is… you don’t know WHO you must become. Then you will act.

A better question, and one you are perhaps asking yourself is the classic question, the biggest one of all… WHY?


Small word, big question. Thinking about the Stevie Kidd Framework, that you’ll find at the back of this Pathway Guide, we must connect it with living a meaningful life, being aware of your past, present and future. One does not want to simply EXIST. Life must give me, Stevie Kidd, true meaning, true purpose and passion. Life must MEAN something. I refuse to just exist and, I know when a new volume of my life must be written.

For me to hear what I call, the Whisper, which is one of my core tenets, I must do what I have done my whole life and be still. Let me tell you a little about The Whisper: