How to go from being a non-runner to climbing Kilimanjaro and running a marathon a day later


This book is about a man who wanted to Know How far Can I Go?

To achieve this goal the only way was to become very uncomfortable by taking a journey to the unknown unknown unknown.

Climb Kilimanjaro – Do it in isolation – Then Run a marathon 24 hours after you come off the mountain.

So from this book you will be able adopt similar strategies in relation to mindset and strategies to achieve these outcomes.

The Journey I embarked on…

  • Unknown (i) Marathon Training – As a non runner, training over many weeks to get in shape.
  • Unknown (ii) Africa – First time traveling to Africa, learning a new culture with different traditions and behaviours.
  • Unknown (iii) Climb Kilimanjaro then run a marathon

The question you have to ask yourself at this point is – How Far Can you actually go ? What is your absolute potential ? Could you do more and be More ?

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Who are you ? Do you like the answer you just gave ?
  • What Do you want ? You will discover this answer by reading this book !
  • How will you Know you have what you want ?
  • Are you Happy ? You will discover what will make you happen !

Realise RIGHT in THIS moment that for you to reach who you want to become will take much more from you than you have ever given in your life.


So this Book is about a man in a pinnacle moment, taking action walking to the unknown to come out the other side with a whole NEW YOU. Nothing is getting in his way, the only rule he sets is this is getting done.

Reflect the book back on yourself to find your answers to what you could actually achieve.

My Thanks to Family for all the love and support they give me & Dr Richard Bandler and John La Valle for all the development and tools you provide me for me to understand my mind and all possibilities.