The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

Pathway Events

Our events help individuals learn about and adopt the tools to be an inspiring leader where you conquer yourself AND the mountain

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More


It’s essential to understand that the events are more profound than climbing mountains; people assume it’s about climbing mountains when it’s actually about adopting the tools to be an inspiring leader, where you conquer yourself and the mountain. The mountains are a metaphor for the development of leaders.

We simplify the journey and keep the trip simple, as we are all like a fingerprint; we are all different and unique. If we are developed to understand ourselves in a fun way of learning, we begin to truly understand self and others around us, which means leaders and businesses benefit from these learnings.

The Pathway was designed by an entrepreneur who self-discovered, fell, got back up and went again but discovered himself by becoming obsessed with understanding how we know who we are! The Pathway is life in a business proven and tested to outcomes where some leaders cannot explain what they have experienced.

Reach Your Peak Scotland

110 hours, over six days, fully designed to understand who you were and who you are and see the road ahead more clearly. The programme is created to comprehend the authentic self as a leader.

This event has a capacity of 12 leaders per event.

We put leaders into the practical world of proving the concepts of tools they never had. This event is a culmination of both practical and theory.

Each leader experiences 3 full days of intense personal and professional development before taking on a six-peak challenge in 24 hours.

Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro

The purpose of this event is to empower leaders to change their ‘needs ‘ to connection, contribution and growth. Leading the individual to a leader who serves – gives, and grows. With these needs, your opportunities are limitless.

A Reach Your Peak Kilimanjaro event can take place nine months of the year; some organisations have over 60 leaders selected for events, and we believe these events are suited to 12-15 leaders per event.

Reach Your Peak Everest

You have grown into a fantastic leader, and we have reflected on your entire journey thus far. With a realisation of who you could become, we anchor the journey to going back and exploring different areas of leadership to the leader you
have grown into.

During your expedition to Everest Base Camp, we then focus on how you will benefit yourself, others, communities, and countries with your impact.

You can make a massive contribution to the business strategy of your organisation.

Reach Your Peak – Beyond Your Imaginable

First event takes place in 2025

This event is an accomplishment of 4 peaks across 3 countries. Becoming a leader of global stature, a leader you could have gone through your whole life and not met. The secret in life is
to live in the unknown – seek many opportunities that lead you to a revolutionary mindset of serving others and being different.

The Pathway Benefits:

Know who you are and clearly understand what you want and where you are heading – Being able to see much further than you have ever seen before.

What our Clients say


Stevie understands people and why we do what we do better than anyone I have ever met. He has studied NLP exclusively with co-founder Dr Bandler over a number of years but also draws heavily upon 25 years in business to create what is a life changing experience on his programmes for executives and senior teams. Stevie is a catalyst for change and strives to help people achieve beyond their self imposed limitations. I would highly recommend working with him.

Alan Thornburrow

Chief Executive

Salvesen Mindroom Centre

Stevie has the ability to turn metal to gold

Omar Mohammed



Any journey starts with the first step!