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"People will remember you for how you make them feel, make everyone feel special" - Stevie Kidd

Our Values, Vision and Purpose

“A journey of Self Discovery”

The Stevie Kidd Pathway supports people and businesses in their quest for transformation and growth. We provide the skills for empowerment and the support needed to set and achieve goals in business and in one’s personal life.   The Pathway is about discovering true happiness, absolute fulfilment and creating a legacy.

Our Vision

To follow the Pathway means to be innovative - unique – and seek truth and meaning in anything else you will see, hear, and feel. We work with people from all around the world, in creating awareness of who they were, who they are, and thanks to the Pathway, who they can become.

Our Purpose

We help individuals redefine what they thought was possible and what is actually possible.

  • Trust


    We create a bespoke journey and a safe environment for our clients to explore and find their unique purpose.

  • Love


    Our people and clients are the reason we exist, We lead by example through inspiration and passion

  • Legacy


    We designed the Pathway so that all those who follow it will establish a legacy

  • Innovation


    We maintain a creative and entrepreneurial mindset in everything we do

  • Partnership


    Its all about the customer journey

  • Commitment

    Absolute Commitment

    Our clients are our priority. We are driven by their results and commit to empowering and inspiring everyone with whom we work, to help them see what they cannot yet see.

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