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Our New Article on The Daily Business Magazine – Finding The Right Path on The Road to Recovery

1st June 2021,

As we look towards a return to growth it’s time to rethink how we define and achieve success, says STEVIE KIDD

As many have already commented, the last twelve months or so have been a period that hopefully we may not experience again, certainly not for a long time. However, with the country now getting to grips with the Covid health crisis, business owners and leaders are once again looking towards recovery and growth.

The question is, how will they do that? By doing the same things we’ve always done, in the same way? That may bring some short term results, but does it really prepare us for the long term; help future proof our businesses and organisations for the next five or ten years, whatever that may bring?

Business has always been about people, and always will be. Despite the positive impact of new technologies over the years, future success is as much about we behave individually and make judgements as it is about technology.

Every leader and aspiring leader aims to improve themselves, whether it’s through MBA studies or corporate management courses, both of which have proved their worth in more normal times. In short, they provide certain business skills and processes to deal with the things we know.

But we are coming out of a period which we have not known before, and as such, is this not a time when we should approach the future in a different way?

The Stevie Kidd Pathway was undoubtedly born out of the many successes and failures which I have experienced during nearly 40 years of business. There has been huge elation, and very difficult lows.

Changing yourself as an individual, how you approach life and the manner in which you consider what is ahead of you, both personal and in business, can be the game changer – and you won’t even know it.

Is it a management course? Well, not in the traditional sense. Yes, there’s coaching. Yes, there’s motivation. And yes, there is a fundamental examination of your business.

But beyond all of that, there is an element of renewal. And no. It’s not new age. It’s very much about what we already know, and what we know already works. And it is directly linked to the permanent improvement of your organisation, through you, the individual.


‘The ultimate element of this is the Reach Your Peak Challenge on Mount Kilimanjaro. I’m not entirely sure how many traditional management courses send you up there’

The Pathway is intense and full on. No short cuts. A range of ideas are covered, including understanding your mind, your subconscious, challenging reality and others all the way through to operating at an optimum level and how to really be entrepreneurial.

There’s one to one coaching for several months and then, ultimately the Reach Your Peak series.

That’s the real test to ensure you’ve assimilated the coaching. The ultimate element of this is the Reach Your Peak Challenge on Mount Kilimanjaro. I’m not entirely sure how many traditional management courses send you up there.

And to be absolutely clear – this is my business – it’s commercial. And the aim is to improve your business, through you.

Every leader of a business or organisation is looking for solutions and simply, solutions that bring direct results. Not just something to make you feel a little better about yourself.

Since starting the business, clients have seen their businesses grow. In one case by 600%.

So as we head into a post-pandemic period, a time of unknown unknowns, surely it’s time to begin placing more attention on ourselves and how we can influence what comes next. But better this time.

Stevie Kidd is Managing Director of Stevie Kidd Pathway

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