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The benefits of working in partnership with Stevie Kidd as your Non-Executive Director

Stevie Kidd Non Executive Director

Stevie has held numerous Non-Executive Director roles, providing innovative and creative contributions to company boards in a variety of industries. As an observer, he systematically delivers sound and independent oversight and constructive challenge.

As a Non-Executive Director, Stevie focuses on board matters, as opposed to executive direction. This provides him with the right perspective to advise with:

  • Independence - A voice
  • Impartiality - No emotion
  • Catalogue of life and business experience
  • Unique knowledge
  • A powerful combination of business acumen and life science/neuroscience expertise

Stevie’s role is to deliver general counsel – and a fresh, informed perspective – on matters of concern. Companies will frequently seek his guidance before they are raised at board meetings.

The key responsibilities of the NED role include the following:

  1. Strategic direction - Mapping out a journey
  2. Monitoring performance - KPI and accountability
  3. Remuneration - Support in building a board
  4. Communication - Establish an effective  communications strategy
  5. Risk - Monitoring risk through SWOT

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Non Exec director

Non-Executive Director - Stevie Kidd

Stevie Kidd Non Executive DirectorStevie Kidd has successfully delivered business strategy and consulting to individuals and businesses alike, for over 20 years. His insight and skills have enabled him to support companies of all sizes through challenges, change, and expansion to the tune of £500 million to a start up business in its first few years.

Drawing on his own experiences running multiple successful enterprises through evolution, Stevie understands better than anyone the needs of a CEO or Managing Director to balance KPI, turnover and the neurology of the board to ensure constant, healthy sustainable growth no matter what the sector industry.

His unique ability to align all these elements in addition to raising capital, marketing, and innovation, make him an excellent Non-Executive Director, a role which he has held for companies.

Stevie provides unbiased, proactive support on all fronts during a crisis or turning point in a company’s development, which are key to the success of his clients.

Thanks to his in-depth understanding of neuroscience and NLP, Stevie can operate as a catalyst for positive change of mindset and focus at all levels within a business, including growth, employee engagement and productivity.

On his client page this demonstrates the brands Stevie has engaged , partnered and supported strategically on many levels for over 20 years.

Stevie's own business knowledge and expertise accelerated when Scottish Enterprise took 12 business entrepreneurs to New York and Boston to model excellence through visiting companies such as Harvard University, MIT Institute, Apple, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Four Seasons, Carat, and Ritz Carlton. Alongside this opportunity Stevie was developing himself under physiologists from around the world under Neuroscience, enabling Stevie to accelerate personally and professionally. So the years modelling businesses and understanding Neurology gives Stevie a tool kit that companies excel from this knowledge and expertise.


"We partnered Stevie Kidd because he demonstrates the same entrepreneurial and innovative mindset as our Chairman Stefano Pessina"

Angela Constance

Minister for Youth Employment

"Stevie Kidd gets the results he gets because of his very unique experience in life and business"

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