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Meet Your Twin

Meeting your twin - Stevie Kidd coaches and mentors people taking them to a whole new level that is unimaginable to them.

The brain doesn't know the difference in what is real and in what is imagined and this exercise assists the brain to believe that the goal is achievable. It will even help you to establish new neural pathways in your brain. In fact, if we continuously carry out new behaviour for 30 days, a new neural pathway is established, I recommend that you do the exercise once a day for a month and you will notice the difference. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes per day.

  1. Close your eyes, stop for a moment and imagine that in front of you is “another you”
  2. It’s the other you that has achieved your goals.
  3. Imagine what that would look like, feel like, sound like, having achieved your goal.
  4. If it is not quite how you would like it, make the adjustments that make you feel absolutely fantastic. Connect the picture to the feelings and make sure that you feel it in the now and not as you imagined it in the future. See yourself in the future achieving the goals, hear everything people are saying, read what the people are saying, stand tall and simply absorb it all.
  5. When you are satisfied with the other you, step into them, looking through their eyes, Notice how it feels to have achieved your goal. Notice your new perspective, behaviours and beliefs about yourself.
  6. Now think of a situation that you would like to view from your new perspective of having achieved your goal. How are things going to be so much better now?
  7. For the next few weeks if not the rest of season act as if the other you is really you – and notice the difference. Notice the shift that occurs inside of you.

Meeting your Twin

"All my life I have had a twin, he is in my imagination, as soon as I think of a goal, he has achieved it instantly. My life is full of techniques and strategies that empowers us to see the world differently.

Tip: You get out what you put in so make your goals stretching in all areas of your life , specific and get seriously excited about them" - Stevie Kidd

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