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Living Our Life Through Our Senses

Tuesday 13th April 2021,

One area the Stevie Kidd Pathway supports clients, is based on how we use our senses, also understanding how we process information through our senses, which representational system we operate more than the others.

We all pay attention to the outside world and gather information using our five senses. We can only focus consciously on 7 things but unconsciously we can process much more.

(V - Visual Seeing) (A - Auditory Hearing) (K - Kinaesthetic Feeling) (O- Olfactory Smelling) (G - Gustatory Tasting) (6th Sense) 

"We live our life through our senses"

'With my clients we start with the end in mind, what does that look like and feel like. We then recognise the famous saying, “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. A real point to be aware of and understand is there is always so much MORE...'

When working with clients we focus on where the today attention has been sign posted. We direct our attention through our senses. We empower the client to pay more attention to the outside. We then focus on the inside to become more aware, more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings we have in the inside, as when we are able to pay more attention and control to the inside we see more in the outside.

The way to develop yourself is to exercise and play to your weaker sense. Set aside certain times when you will deliberately pay attention with your weaker senses. It will be uncomfortable , but you will learn more.

'My own personal experience for many years was "Visual sense " was extremely powerful, Auditory was weak. So for many years I have spent a large part of my day within nature where I would play on my auditory, exercising what I could hear. Initially listening to all the noises within the nature trail, where they were coming from 360 around me. Then I took it to another level, I blind folded myself and then listened to birds and could point to the branch of a tree and even name the bird simply by its tweet.'

The master teacher for me is Dr Richard Bandler, many years ago enrolling on a personal enhancement 3 day journey with mind spa did it for me, 3 days with a genius, 12 people in the room for 10 - 12 hours. This journey completely transformed my life in so many directions.

Ask yourself this?

Internal Attention - What are you aware of in your body?

Often we simply blank out signals that we do not like instead of paying attention to them. When you start to pay attention, you will be able to understand and appreciate yourself on a deeper level. This is part of pacing yourself - simply allowing yourself to become aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions. and states without necessarily trying to change them. The more we become aware of our internal world, the more we will appreciate who we are and come to know ourselves.

Systematic internal awareness is called "Taking a personal inventory"

When I go up the nature trail I often sit and do the following exercise:

1) Sit quietly for a few moments and really become aware of your body.

What are you mostly aware of?

What feelings do you have in your body?

2) Start at your feet and let your awareness move up your body.

Feel the connection between all the parts of the body.

Which parts feel at ease and which parts feel uncomfortable?

Do not try to change anything, just notice, without judging.

3) What thoughts do you have?

Look at your mental pictures. if you have any at the moment.

What are the qualities of those pictures? Do they move quickly or slowly or are they still?

Whereabouts in your visual field are they located?

How far away do they seem to be?

4) What sounds do you hear in your mind?

Are you talking to yourself?

What sort of voice quality does this have?

Are there any other sounds?

Where do they seem to come from?

5) How is your sense of balance?

Do you feel as though you are leaning too far to one side or too far backwards or forwards?

6) What emotional state are you in?

What is your predominant emotion?

Be aware of it without trying to change anything.

7) Come back to the present moment.

An inventory does not try to change anything, only to pay attention internally.

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