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Stevie Kidd


Stevie is a serial entrepreneur. He has been at the helm of several different businesses, which he has driven from start-up to seven figures. He is an innovator and sees beyond what leaders sees. He challenges reality at every opportunity and leads from the front looking for innovative partnerships that can assist in delivering an experience that people struggle to describe.

He climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2017 with one guide and a cook, and plans to climb Kilimanjaro 10 times by 2030. Stevie has written 3 books in last year, one of which is about his experience in preparing and climbing to summit of Kilimanjaro.


Ryan is the Managing Partner of The Stevie Kidd Pathway, as well as a coach in his own right. Stevie and Ryan, father and son, work in tandem, accompanying clients in their self-development, self-awareness, personal accountability, self discovery and providing them with the tools to explore and achieve their full potential.

These four skills are the keys to a successful personal vision and a road map of the future that Pathway clients will create for themselves. From a very young age Ryan's passion for fitness, health and exercise was at an all time high which then led him to assisting the clients of the Stevie Kidd Pathway achieve their desired results with their physical development. Ryan has completed and led multiple RYP Scotland events and now is leading RYP Kilimanjaro clients to summit Kilimanjaro

Ryan Kidd
Doug White


Never one to do things in half measures, Doug took up marathons in a big way in 2010 with the goal of running 26 of them. To date, he’s completed 35, to include the Great Wall of China, the Inca Trail, and Disney World, as part of the Dopey Challenge - 4 days/4 races (5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon). He is 1 of only a few, and 71st overall, to have completed a recognised marathon on all 7 continents and the North Pole.

These days he takes on multi-day, self-sufficient ultra events. Having completed the Grand to Grand Ultra’s 170 miles; the Marathon des Sables’ 150 miles; and, most recently, the Ultra Bolivia Race’s 140 miles, he has now set his sights on the longest ultra out there: The Track Australia’s 320+ miles through the Outback. In his spare time, he successfully crossed Iceland on foot twice in the 2021 and 2022 Great Norse Runs.

He's been a multi-day speaker on every Reach Your Peak – Scotland event and completed RYP - Scotland 2. He was in the inaugural RYP – Kilimanjaro event in June 2022 and is looking forward to leading it in June 2023. He plans to join Stevie & Ryan for RYP – Scotland 7 in September 2023 and the inaugural RYP – Everest Base Camp event in November 2023, also.


An avid goal setter and meditator for over 25 years, his original ‘big goal’ was to travel the world; now one of his goals is to travel to 100 countries of the world (he currently sits at 68). He’s written 4 books on business and personal development, and is currently working on a project looking at meditation, brain scanning and goal achievement.

He developed a passion in the early nineties for personal development and has worked directly with many world-class practitioners including Jack Black, Anthony Robbins, David Shephard and now Stevie Kidd. Dr Jim shares his journey on how he became a global CEO and his passion for goal setting and achieving these goals.

Jim Fairbairn
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Lesley is your touch point all the way through the customer experience. Lesley will be your support for all of your events on the Stevie Kidd Pathway. Lesley supports you with everything within the area of administration and helps clients and delegates at sign up stage to ensure our clients experience is as smooth as possible.

Lesley handles all emails and calls that come through the office in relation to our events. Lesley has been working with Stevie Kidd Pathway since its foundation and takes great pride in helping our delegates reach their peak. For the Stevie Kidd pathway and Lesley it's all about the value chain customer experience.


Amos is based in Moshi Kilimanjaro– Amos Lufumbilo is responsible for coordinating and planning all Mt Kilimanjaro Treks, Custom Safaris and Zanzibar holidays. After good 20 years of experience as a manager in tourism industry while working with 3 different tour companies in moshi. In 2015 Amos founded Migration Venture Africa Ltd, a high quality locally-owned Tanzania adventure travel company to help create jobs in the city of Moshi and Arusha. Amos also continues his commitment to improving the livelihood of his community via (Smile Charity Foundation) while helping preserve the mountain environment through responsible tourism.

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As a manager Issa handles all the emails, social media platforms and reservations for Migration Venture Africa Ltd. He makes sure that everything in Tanzania is running smoothly for your Kilimanjaro expeditions and safaris. He has been working with Migration Venture Africa Ltd since it started and his great passion is to help adventurers to achieve their dream in common.


Epaphras started climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro over 18 years ago. Has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over 200 times. Has also climbed Mt. Meru the second highest in Tanzania over 50 times.

Epaphras is a fully Licensed Mountain Guide. Certified Mountain Guide and Basic First Aid (BFA), Risk Management and Crisis Response (RMCR) for (Adult and Child), from Sentinel Outdoor Research in USA. Fluent in English and Kiswahili. Our mountain guides have three priorities:

1) Your health and safety

2) Your goal attainment… the summit of Kilimanjaro

3) Your enjoyment of the trek. They understand that all three are inextricably linked and vitally important to a successful climb.

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Bernie Hammersley has trained Commonwealth, British and Scottish champions and brings a wealth of experience and innovative training techniques to the ring. Bernie studied Sports Science at the University of Glasgow and has over 30 years of experience in boxing and martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing and K1.

This background guarantees that you will receive a unique and personalised training programme following specialised and targeted strength & conditioning techniques. You’ll receive continual support with expert guidance to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. Your programme will be individually tailored and can incorporate nutrition, weight loss, body sculpting, fitness, core strength, specialised boxing or martial arts coaching.

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