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In 2009 Kenny asked himself a question many of us have asked ourselves

“If it all ended tomorrow what will I have I done that is truly exceptional? What would I be remembered for?”

Like many of us he had no answer. Unlike most of us it was the catalyst that spurred him on to take his life in a new direction.

A high flyer in the financial world and a dedicated father of 3, in 2009 Kenny couldn’t swim, couldn’t remember the last time he had ridden a bike and his running left a lot to be desired. He wasn’t the fittest and he had no idea what a Triathlon was!

Fast forward to 2019 he can swim, ride a bike, run, knows intimately what a triathlon is having completed 6 of the toughest of them around the world, as he boldly entered and conquered the Ironman world.

He has learned a huge amount about himself along the way! When asked, however, what’s been his toughest endurance challenge to date his response… “bringing up three kids!”

Kenny will share with you the stories, strategies, successes and struggles of how his life changed so dramatically in the past decade and show you how the skills, strengths and mindsets he has used in the financial world have helped him on that journey. This incredible journey hasn't just had a positive impact on his personal life, career, but has also translated into huge impact on his career too. Kenny can show you how making such significant changes can impact every area of YOUR life too,

Kenny’s dream since childhood was to swim the English Channel, and now in 2019 will see him tackle this ocean beast in September and fulfil that ambition. He will ask himself the question…“What’s next?”

This is his Story…

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