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Stevie Kidd Pathway

How far are you willing to go?

"The most exciting part of life is not knowing the future selves that you are going to meet." - Stevie Kidd


"This is your book. Your tool to enable you to re-invent your identity and blueprint"

Recognising the progress you make along the way within all areas of your life is the key to motivation and happiness.

Stevie and his entire team are committed to supporting you along your journey across The Stevie Kidd Pathway and we take your development very seriously.

The destination is to give you the tools and mindset to live the fulfilling life that you have always desired.

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The Stevie Kidd Pathway


Every choice you have ever made has led you to where you are today.

Are you happy with where you are?

Do you feel you are living your full potential?

How far are you willing to go?

The StevieKidd Pathway:

The Stevie Kidd Pathway is a unique roadmap to your future, and yours alone.

The Pathway is based on 30 years’ research, study and experience, specifically tailored to help you analyse the present, outline your goals for the future and create a long-lasting legacy for the distant future.

The Stevie Kidd Pathway operates as a tier-system of exponential personal growth: you set your objectives, and as you gain insight and strength in mind and body, you will set some more. And don’t stop until you have reached heights you never thought possible. Figuratively and literally.

What makes the Stevie Kidd Pathway so effective, sustainable and innovative is that it features an element of physical endurance which, when coupled with the NLP, brain-mapping, mindset reset, and stern accountability of the coaching, will challenge every last one of your limiting beliefs and reveal your infinite potential all the way down to cellular level.

Unlock your true potential, in the short term, in the long term... and beyond.

By embarking on the Pathway, you will acquire the tools that will ensure the optimal balance between your career or your business, your personal life and your mindset. What you do with those is entirely up to your limitless imagination.

But first you have to ask yourself: how far are you willing to go?

Life is about making choices every day. Living your best life is about making the right choice now. Get in touch with the Stevie Kidd team to find out if you’re ready to follow the Pathway.

What is the Pathway?

It's a journey that starts with a simple call. You will go through an initial assessment with our team, to ensure the Pathway is right for you...and you're right for the Pathway. Together you will work on the Wheel of Life to  establish where you feel you are and set your targets.

Your development

Once you embark on the Pathway, you will receive bespoke coaching, specially tailored to your objectives. You will be given some tools and benchmarks to reach in all areas of your life, to ensure your growth is well balanced between your career and personal life.

Then, the real changes begin to occur. After several months of 1-2-1 training with Stevie and our team of professional coaches, you may chose to take part in the Reach Your Peak Series, which you can read about here (link).

Reach Your Peak is the real test to ensure you have assimilated the coaching: limiting beliefs, personal goals, mindset, fitness and projection... every lesson you have been taught will be put to the challenge during this gruelling endurance event, which will quite literally change your life.

The next step is the RYP Challenge on Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, followed, naturally, by RYP Everest.

At every stage, in every area of your life, you will be reaching new heights, which you had never imagined you would. But like any great journey, it all begins with the first step.

Want more? A select few participants will be granted access to the Ultra RYP event, on invitation only. Contact us for more details.


Step 1

Pathway Step 1

Enquiry to the Stevie Kidd Pathway

Step 2

Pathway Step 2

Consultation and Life Assessment

Step 3

Pathway Step 3

Your Very Own Bespoke Coaching Package Mapped Out

Step 4

Pathway Step 4

After 6-9 Months Moving into Brain Mapping & RYP Scotland

Step 5

Pathway Step 5

After 12-18 Months Moving on to RYP Kilimanjaro

Step 6

Pathway Step 6

After 15-24 Months Moving on to RYP Everest Base Camp

  • "I aligned myself to Stevie as my coach because he does not dance"


    Global CEO at Megger Group

  • "All I can say is I’m not the same person I was then, not even close.

    I have engaged in a coaching partnership with Stevie for over a year now. Since then we have built a very strong relationship up in a short space of time.

    He is now a vital part of my business team and also in my personal journey, we have big goals and I’ve no doubt they will only get bigger. I look forward to sharing the journey with him and the endless success it will bring. Thanks Stevie."


    Entrepreneur | Multi Business Owner

  • "Stevie has the ability to turn metal to gold"

    Director at RBS

  • "Stevie’s unique style is not only effective but truly inspirational, his passion for making a difference to people’s lives really struck me. I would strongly recommend this life changing experience no matter what stage of life or career you are in."



  • "Stevie is an example to anyone on what you can achieve with the correct mindset. He has greater motivation and passion than anyone I have ever met, as a direct result he has limitless potential."

    Kevin Grant

    Station Manager at FedEx UK Ltd

  • "Stevie Kidd gets the results he gets because of his very unique experience in life and business"

    Angela Constance

    Minister for Youth Employment

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