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“Huge Unbelievable Great Goals”

Wednesday 28th April 2021,

Huge Unbelievable Great Goals (HUGGS)

“The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it”.

HUGGS - (What are the HUGGS that bring tears to your eyes when you think about them)

Some outcomes are more important than others. I like to call them HUGGS, (Huge, Unbelievably Great Goals). They are typically large scale Goals that will start as a seed and manifest to become more precisely defined as your progress the idea and seed in your mind. They will appear like a 360 IMAX in your mind, like a film you will feel you're in the film in the future, you have main part in film.

HUGGS have the following Qualities; - They are long term (2 to 30 years) - They are clear, compelling and easy to grasp. They connect with your identity and core values - You are completely passionate about them. They engage your emotions to the point you can have tears in your eyes when your thinking about achieving them – you feel amazing when you think about them. Sometimes become very emotional. - With all your senses you create the show in your mind, you become completely associated and immersed in it. With myself innovation and creativity is always at centre of my "HUGGS", only settling for "Challenging Reality" or "Opportunity to Turn metal to Gold" always where opportunity lies to create or implement a seed to create a better world, improve a life or a business. We all have this power within us all, I work with people and walk with them to find the HUGGS they want to create in life.

My message is simple one, "When you think of your goals if they do not make you emotional or even make you cry, then they are not big enough"

When you first create and embed them into your soul and then you shout loudly to the world what you are about to embark on a journey of Huge Unbelievable Great Goals, before you start outlining the strategy, they seem impossible at the beginning. As time goes on, they start to manifest more and more - They do not involve you sacrificing the present moment for a possible future. However good. They can really shape your life, because they are long term and aligned to your values, you will often achieve them in unpredictable, or they will seem to fall into your life like magic. Please do not be surprised if you are told that's IMPOSSIBLE OR YOU EVEN GET A STRANGE LOOK. (STAY FOCUSED AND KEEP LOOKING AT THE TARGETS)

Now if you do not achieve them it hurts like hell, But what it does do is make you become more motivated than ever before, they often have an edge to them, like deadlines or set of conditions. The most powerful HUGGS often involve removing elements from your life. Sometimes the biggest leverage comes not from doing things to achieve them, but from stopping doing things that are in your way. Examples of HUGGS for me is Windsor Castle event, always wanting to deliver a really special event we had to find the venue, finding St Georges House in Windsor castle gave me empowerment to create real change and what is unknown partnerships just now, bringing people from all different backgrounds together to  create a new world.

In 2011, I remember 10 months prior to leading Windsor Castle event I was outside the gates with tears flowing down my face as I just stared at the castle creating the event in my head, and someone approached me asking, "Are you alright?" My response "Absolutely and then pointed to the castle and then asking?" Can you not see I am going to deliver an event here in the future on "Personal Discovery inside this Castle" He gazed back at me laughed loudly and said "We can all dream" My Response was calm one "I am not Laughing" His Response was "Wow wish I could think like that" My response " You can, we all have it within us all, we never go to that place because of one this "Fear of Failing" If you fail my strategy is a simple one "NEXT" "LEARN" AND MOVE ON. 

Fast forward to 2015, I decided it was time to take on yet another exciting challenge that was going to break who I was currently at that time and invent a newer, stronger and better version of myself. I wanted to go from a non-runner to taking on one of the hardest marathons on the planet, and at that time this event was the Great Wall of China Marathon.

I remember as I was taking on this event I ran through a small tunnel a man stopped and says "are you ready to feel the magic and see what is facing you" - "look through the archway" what a feeling that was.

“The objective in life is to capture as many magic moments as you can“ - Stevie Kidd

In 2016, I decided then to climb Mount Kilimanjaro then come off and run Kilimanjaro Marathon, the statement to myself was.. all possible because I had 5 coaches in my life and on average I always have around 3 to 6 areas of support around me all the times.

In 2017, It was time to take on Everest Base Camp Marathon, at first we had planned to make this event 2018 on my 5 year plan of endurance however I decided the push the event forward. One thing you can do in your life everyday to realign your nervous system is live life out with comfort, the secret is make yourself feel so uncomfortable all the time so it becomes comfortable.

From a non runner to the hardest marathon in the world “Everest Marathon” which takes 3 weeks to complete. Brining the unimaginable to the imaginable.

HUGGS produce ongoing effects and they express your values. You create them, they are personal, you do not copy them from other people. What are the HUGGS you have in your life right now setting for the future.

I have noticed for many years when I work with clients I always want more for them than they want for themselves, I always see the qualities in them that they do not see and believe. Next time you're in front of a mirror, stand tall and say "I am... (your name). Now seeing yourself saying your name what have you found out about yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself and know who you are and what's important to you, starting point before you set the goals.

“All life is an experiment, the more experiments you make the better.. — Ralph Waldo-Emersdon

With this continual mindset, and growth has led us to where we are today with the Stevie Kidd Pathway and Reach Your Peak Events.

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