The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

The Pathway is an exclusive business performance coaching & leadership training programme

Our mission is to empower business leaders and their teams to cultivate their true authentic selves, fostering sustained advancements in productivity, engagement, and overall performance across your organisation.

What Is The Pathway

The Stevie Kidd Pathway has become The Pathway. Learn More

‘The Pathway’ is not just a coaching programme; it’s a commitment to unlocking the true potential within each leader, fostering a culture of continual improvement and growth across the business.

Unlock Your Potential

We unlock your potential and guide you on a transformative journey towards greater growth, productivity, and success.

Grow & Develop

We champion continual development, fostering a culture of lifelong learning to ensure sustained growth and excellence.

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Experience That Counts

With over 3 decades of experience, we embark on this journey with you because we are deeply passionate about the growth and success of our clients.

For over 30 years, our father and son team has been dedicated to delivering extraordinary results.

The Pathway Benefits:

Improve your relationships across all areas of your life and how to communicate effectively by understanding yourself and then leading to understanding others around you.

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Who We Work With

Jasmin’s Story

Jasmin is an Entrepreneur and the first woman to complete The Pathway. She has helped hundreds of busy professionals and business owners to reenergise and get back on track

This is her story….

The Pathway Benefits:

Know who you are and clearly understand what you want and where you are heading – Being able to see much further than you have ever seen before.

What our Clients say


Stevie has helped me transform my personal and business life beyond recognition. It all starts with knowing who you really are, and following the path that he guides you to discover for yourself. In doing so, you learn more about your mind and the forces that drive you forwards. Business and life have never been better. I strongly urge you to reach out to Stevie if you’re looking for a change in your life.

Brian Farrell

Managing Director

ARDSA Project Management

I’ve worked with Stevie on a few occasions and yet every time I’m immensely surprised at the extent of his enthusiasm, positive thinking and lust for a full life. These are all the characteristics I thought I had in abundance and talk about regularly following my trauma and amputations but Stevie leaves me standing. 10 minutes in his company and you’ll be sitting up straight contemplating what you could be and how far you could go.

Cor Hutton


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