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Hello.. My Name Is ANXIETY!

24th February 2021,


How have you felt within yourself generally this week?

What is the label you gave that emotional state?

Would you like to live a life free of these negative emotions?

Read on...


I have worked with many people across many sectors, (Pharmacy, Distribution, Manufacturing, Engineering, IT, Digital Innovation, Welfare to Work, Construction, Property, Commercial Cleaning, Care and so on), who are suffering from these symptoms for long periods of time. I have a structure to building rapport then working with people as its a real sensitive area. When we build rapport we can then create change speedily.. I have spent 30 years studying human beings in why we do what we do, I understand most triggers, after all we all have same Neurology.

Typical client quote: "I cannot believe I have been living like this for so long"

This is a blog, that if you feel "Anxiety" or "Stress" at times, then this will help you. Now that's a point, when do we know when to bring it on and turn it off ? We were not born with these symptoms, its basically how we use our senses. Attention is directed through our senses. By paying attention on the outside, you magnify and associate to your thinking. When we pay attention on the inside, we become more sensitive to your own thoughts and feelings. The more we understand who we are in the inside, we then can pay more attention to the outside world..

Inside the Mind (All change takes place at the unconscious level. Then we become aware of it)

Your mental pictures, sounds and feelings all have certain qualities. Think of a TV remote control, your pictures, for example, have brightness and colour; your sounds have rhythm and tone, your feelings have certain texture and temperature. These qualities are known in NLP as sub-modalities. The senses are the modalities we use to think, so the qualities of the sense experience are sub modalities. Although they are known as sub modalities, they are not inferior, under or beneath the modalities, but are integral part of them. You cannot have sense experience without these qualities.

In how we feel, Sub Modalities are how we structure our experience. Sub modalities are the building blocks of the representational systems. They are the basic qualities of the "Neuro" in Nuero-Linguistic Programming. When I coach people we first understand the sequence of sub modalities that create the anxiety and stress, this is how you have wired the experience consistently. When we change the structure of our experiences ,We then change the meaning. We can choose our submodalities . Therefor we can choose the meaning we give our experience. This is an area that excited me most when working with Dr Bandler..

Below is some soft strategies I use today that help people overcome stress and anxiety instantly.

1. Write a list of what you know is true ( I find the people I work with focus on the things that are untrue and this is what puts them into an anxiety state, raising awareness on the truths and untruths is a starting point..

2. Read the list 2-3 times a day (Its not just about making the list but feeding the list to the mind multiple times throughout the day..)

3. Take up yoga, body balance and meditation (The unknown but bring this into your life)

4. Exercise (I challenge my clients to sign up for half or full marathons then I create the training pathway along with Nutritional advice) I push clients past limitations to change beliefs.

5. Get A coach (I have 3, I advise its easier with support than doing journey alone, more effective solution)

6. Practice affirmations (My favourite as you train, as you walk along the road, as you awake in the morning and look in the mirror in confidence shout them aloud) Your Dreams - "Its possible" "I can do it" "Never give up" "I deserve it" "I will make this happen"

7. Design a future self with one that has no anxiety, amplify and associate to image through my techniques. This future image is a description of a fulfilled life for you, one you want. We merge and walk towards the one with no anxiety through NLP and visualisation techniques..

8. Time lining: Timeline interventions are very powerful in helping people to access resources and create a compelling future and organise their lives. When I develop clients in time lining anxiety disappears because the whole structure within the mind is changed.

9. Mentally Rehearsing - Anxiety/Stress Example - Playing the future movie within your mind of you at work or leading a business starts creating smaller chunks which gives each day a new meaning.. You start a day where you have already lived it within your mind.

10. Quantum Jumping - We leap and take a journey through past - present - future techniques. We also use strategies of meeting future self's and absorb and bathe our self's in that person. We have a strategy of 3 chairs which is similar to Disney strategy each chair has different interpretation. We have built this up before to having 10 chairs which accelerates to the life you want. The power of the imagination bringing it to reality.

Its my job to create change quickly and instantly, never waste another minute feeling anything other than the way you really want to feel each day - Stevie Kidd

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