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Gold Dust Podcast – Stevie Kidd – Coach & be Coached

18th February 2022,

Stevie Kidd was guest speaker on Keith and David Mayer's podcast 'Gold Dust' and what an interview it is. Very powerful and full of wisdom.

"Stevie is a best selling author, mindset coach and entrepreneur who works with several high profile businesses, sporting figures and Head Coaches. Stevie also completes several high performance endurance events, including marathon races such as the Everest marathon and Great Wall of China Marathon, and high level mountaineering, like the ascent of Mount Kilamanjaro."

Thank you very much to Keith and David for allowing Stevie to be a guest on this amazing podcast.

Gold Dust: The Podcast, aimed at engaging and educating, sprinkling particles of knowledge on people’s lives. On the back of the success of the #1 Best Selling book 'Gold Dust: How to Become a More Effective Coach, Quickly," the Gold Dust podcast was released. The show hosts lots of World class practitioners in their respective fields, sharing their knowledge and experiences for listeners.

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