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Going To The Movies – What Would Change In Your Life With This Mindset?

Tuesday 30th March 2021,

I am incredibly lucky. I have the chance to transform the lives of the people who come into my life both on a personal and professional basis. My first interactions with a new client are critical. I ask them what is holding them back from being the person they know in their hearts they can be. Often my clients will tell me about a long list of limitations; “I have no money, no job and no self esteem”. They may tell me “my wife has left me, I am too old, I have no skills, I have lost all of my confidence and I am lost looking for myself”.

I tell my clients that they must adopt the view - there are no limitations. No limitations in the areas of your life where you want to grow, where you want your life to take off. 

We work together, it requires trust and confidence in each other and when you have that, when I have demonstrated that I am worth their trust then they have to work hard inside themselves to just go for it. We start with a trip to the movies. Everyday our lives revolve around the movies we create in our head based on past experience and our interpretation about the reason for our past failures. We use these movies to help us predict what the future outcome will be of many day-to-day encounters and opportunities. If we have the baggage of past failures chiselled into vivid movies that we rerun every time we need to predict the future – hey guess what if they don't predict a further failure. Hey presto we have ourselves a Technicolor self fulfilling prophecy.

So the first thing we do is we close our eyes and we take a trip to Hollywood. Arriving at Heathrow terminal 5 we buy a new outfit, a glass of champagne and that new music we have been wanting for so long. As our flight is called we board first class, settle down to listen to that new cd and take another sip of champagne. Arriving we are whisked direct to studio they are waiting for us, camera, make up, lights – Action. We record a new movie in your head. The one where you are the good guy, you are swept off your feet, the contract won, the leadership speech followed by a standing ovation. We make the movie based on the success you want. When we watch it back, it is amazing. It is an Oscar level success. The music (listen to it) the smell of success (sniff the air), the vision of you as the leading character of success, confident, leading, driven. All of your life is in harmony, family and friends gather to cheer at your success.

We go to the movie that we all have in our minds, we bathe ourselves in it. I believe it is important for my clients to stay there, to root themselves in that movie in their mind.

Achieving this mental picture of their own movie will involve part of them staying in the present and part of them moving forward to the future. Their minds do go back to present but they experience a feeling as if there are two of you. This state is not easy to sustain for the person I am working with because every second their mind works towards getting the goal because you have a fixed image of what goal is. These sub modalities are enhanced and I often liken it to being in a 360 degree cinema where you are watching your life and the life that you want to create. You can think of it like an elastic band stretching from present to future. The band draws you back but can be stretched and motivates you to get that goal and improve your current state at an accelerated speed.

Today my job is help my clients to realise in all areas of life who they are, to re-enter the world after we have worked together only accepting one thing – excellence in all aspects of their lives. Live the life you created in your Hollywood movie, make it happen.


Once the movie is made, embedded, playing 10 times a day we add layers to the movie experience which I call. Twinning.

We work together to raise my clients personal bar as high as possible, to set their ambitions as high as possible - we have no debates simply we are here today, this is our current state and this is excellence modelling. This is mirroring the people in the world who are doing it, achieving the best right now. We work towards these “world class” goals with our own personal to excel past that level to a greater and even higher level.

We then introduce the image and personality of a twin, a twin we see each and every day, the twin of you who has already achieved the level that we are targeting. This way we have each have a buddy who is with you. This is a hugely valuable buddy, one we keep really close. We chat with him (or her) each night taking advice on what we want to improve on.

At end of each day you close your eyes and you’re led by your buddy to a creative room, as we enter the room each night we sit around a board room table with TV monitors on the wall, they are showing film of the things we have done, the main activities in the day you have just lived.

There is one more thing in this special “creative” room – we have our role models and mentors with us in the room too. When I do this for me I have 8 of my role models and another 3 of me. I listen closely as they tell me one by one what I have excelled in, what I could have changed and what I could do differently next time. Sometimes I fast-forward or rewind the pictures on the TV monitors. I can control them in my mind to show what I was doing at a specific period and on a specific day. I explore a day or a situation that interests me, exploring to see if I missed an opportunity and to think again about how I could have made things better. As I finally leave the room for the night I look back and thank my friends and mentors and role models for their input, I will do better tomorrow

Just simply visiting Hollywood with me, creating a new movie and growing a twin can transform my client’s lives. It sounds easy doesn't it? It is.

People say working with me empowers you to be excited and extremely motivated to pick up a pen and start writing the new chapters of your life story. You create chapters that before you work with me are simply unimaginable.

My passion is people it’s that simple, if you’re absolutely serious about personal growth give it a shot and contact us at for your very on FREE 30 min consultation.

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