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Finding Your Passion, Your Purpose & Your Vision

31st May 2022,

Finding your Passion - Purpose leads you to a Vision that will create a timeline of 5 to 10 years pathways. 

Would you like to have a Legacy Mindset?

  • How are you programmed?
  • Do you just exist?
  • Does your job or business create your identity?
  • Do you want to feel FREEDOM?

    Understanding your subconscious

    What's been installed in your younger years that leads you to believing that's the world you have to live in?

    Ask yourself these questions:

    • Who are you when you never ever give up?
    • Who are you when you are relentless?
    • Who are you when you doubt yourself?
    • Are you aware of what holds you back?


  • Do you think, or do you remember the majority of the time?
  • Do your Beliefs get you the outcomes you want?
  • How often do you challenge your beliefs... when you remember you are living in the past or when you think you are creating and designing your future in

    your mind?

  • How do you spend the moments of your day?
  • If we could take away everything you keep playing in your head that serves you no purpose, what would you do with that time when you get it back?

    Remembering causes hesitation - You delay yourself or continue to trap yourself in a way that leads to not taking action. So, in the end you remain stuck.

    Thinking creates action - It excites you, especially when with no critic or opinion, you time travel and innovate and design.

    What I’ve found is... “If your heart is empty, you will not be able to run the 1% Mindset programme in your mind.” Stevie Kidd

    When we are connected, we thrive and believe anything is possible.

    The Stevie Kidd Pathway is designed for you to Self Discover - Your passion is ignited , you discover your Purpose and the timeline Pathway appears, you just have to take the first step and do the WORK..

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