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Exciting Times – Stevie Kidd’s 2nd Book Has Now Launched

February 1st 2021,

Stevie Kidd is thrilled to announce the launch of his 2nd book on Amazon UK.

"How to Run the Third Hardest Marathon in the World - From a non Runner.

You can purchase paperback here or download for free below:

Stevie shares his story from a Non-Runner to taking on The Great Wall of China Marathon with 27 weeks of training and how he managed to complete it.


How to Consistently Have a Relationship with Discomfort.
The Great Wall of China Marathon - from a non-runner, with just
twenty-seven weeks training.

Have you ever in your life taken on a challenge like this?
How do you even begin to take on such a mammoth task?
You must ask yourself a question when you do, one which I had to ask
myself at the time.

“Do you know who you were?”

“Do you know who you are?”

“Are you really drawn to knowing who you are going to become?” By
being in a daydream state you will be drawn more to !nd out and
discover the answer to that question.

At that point of asking that question of yourself, if the answer to it is...
you don’t know WHO you must become. Then you will act.

A better question, and one you are perhaps asking yourself is the classic
question, the biggest one of all... WHY?

You can view this book here -

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