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The Stevie Kidd Foundation

The Stevie Kidd Pathway Foundation


"People will remember you for how you make them feel, make everyone feel special" - Stevie Kidd

We are very proud to announce the new partnership between Migration Venture Africa and Stevie Kidd Pathway / Stevie Kidd Foundation. This partnership allows us to get involved with great projects across the country of Tanzania. Popular projects include teaching, building, sports, healthcare and conservation. Migration Venture Africa also offers many more project opportunities than are listed on their website. The aim is to help people help themselves so that after our help in the beginning people can survive without us and help each other. People or societies don't become dependent on us. We aim to provide great opportunities and challenges to all students to make their internships an experience of a lifetime. Help people to start their own businesses and careers. Provide facilities to help both organisations and individuals and also create business contacts between countries through practical training and increase people's knowledge about Tanzania's problems and advantages so that they can better help the society.


Stevie Kidd's life has been about giving back, it's a main driver of Stevie's and the businesses he has led throughout his life, it's the DNA of the man and the Stevie Kidd Pathway.

Stevie firmly believes contributing and bringing partnerships together can create a stimulus of innovation leading to new reality’s . He sees beyond what other people currently see and his work has always benefited the people which is fuelled by his obsession to make a difference and help people.


The Stevie Kidd Foundation purpose is about giving back. In Tanzania we want to contribute and support our partners Migration Venture charitable community projects and also support the people of Kilimanjaro who with absolute care for humanity lead our clients to the summit of the Roof of Africa.


The Stevie Kidd Pathway supports individuals redefine what they thought was possible and what is actually possible. At the same time we empower the clients to feel what it is like to Serve - Give - Grow.

In return the Stevie Kidd Pathway will support clients to discover where they want to make a difference in their own lives and their businesses.

The Stevie Kidd Pathway is all about caring and giving because we can, leading your life from your heart not your head. Be the difference because you are the difference, you are the example.

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