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Evaluation of Reach Your Peak Scotland 5 October 2021

October 19th, 2021

Reach Your Peak 5 Evaluation

On the 4th of October 2021 at 05:27am 6 delegates fully immersed themselves in 6 full days of intense personal development under Stevie Kidd, Ryan Kidd and the amazing Reach Your Peak team.

After the event we like to hear directly from the delegates themselves about how they found their experience within RYP Scotland. We ask our delegates a series of questions to gain feedback in how we can improve the events moving forward.

Take a look below to hear what they had to say..

Q: Was the pre-event documentation sufficient?

A1: Yes these were very clear and sent out well in advance

A2: Yes. Very clear and direct.

A3: Yes - Training Plan, Equipment, Hill Safety, Injury Prevention and Performance Management guides were very clear.

Q: What was your impression of the venue?

A1: Excellent first class choice.

A2: Great, good food, good facilities, good experience all round.

A3: Fantastic - no complaints whatsoever.

Q: Do you think each speakers and their presentations were relevant - and who did you enjoy the most?

A1: Each of the speakers were outstanding and I throughly enjoyed them. The most dynamic speaker I thought was Sean Rose and I believe he had all of the delegates eating out of his hands. He was also the most charismatic.

A2: Yes, all in good timing. Rick Munday stood out for me.

A3: Yes I felt it was gearing you up for the hills and Cor Hutton for me.

Q: What was your opinion of the professional and personal development days?

A1: Outstanding full of great content and little gems to take away.

A2: Sufficient and tailored to the individual.

A3: Great relevant content that was fun and entertaining.

Q: Name one part from the first three days of the event and one part from the 6 Peak Challenge that really stood out for you and made an impact on you?

A1: The daily talks by Doug White were my favourite part and his story was amazing. The stand out moment on the mountains was being persuaded to walk Beinn Ime after not feeling the best after the travel from Ben Nevis.

A2: Stevie's story telling tactics. My brain has many new connections. Reaching the summit of Conic Hill on Friday morning.

A3: Monday evening when asked what your passions were. Also I loved the yoga.

Q: What is the difference between being coached by Stevie against the experience of being on the event with Stevie?

A1: Wow that is a quality question. It was great to finally meet Stevie after just meeting via zoom calls. His aura was amazing and he was just totally inspiring.

A2: The event was a quick shifting, empowering and more hypnotic than coaching.

A3: It is much more intense, you are absorbing so much information on the event which is being stored away in your subconscious whereas coaching we tend to focus on specific areas at a time, but it was an amazing mix of experiences.

Q: Provide 5 words to describe the change that has occurred from our experience within the event?

A1: Mindset Shift, Happiness, Self Worth, Love, Laughter

A2: Clarity, Purpose, Passion, Visions & Certainty.

A3: Resilient, Focused, Emotional, Connected, Power

Q: I want you to think about your first ever consultation with Stevie Kidd - Who you were then, against who you are right now - What are the noticeable changes within your life and business?

A1: Differences are that I am now fully open to change, I trust the process, I listen far better, I am learning not to be selfish, I am happy, and I now have my family back in my life.

A2: More drive, clearer visions, and I am now manifesting my desired outcomes.

A3: I can now see exactly where I am heading and what I intend to achieve within the next 6 months, a year from now and the next 3-5 years.

Q: Scenario -You are in a waiting room of an event, which has 30 people in it. Someone looks over at you, and says, "You took on Reach Your Peak Scotland!" - What would your message be to someone who is considering taking on this event?

A1: Simply get it booked ASAP!

A2: If you don't go you will never know. And how much do you want to change? You won't return as the same person my friend!

A3: Do it! Do it now!

Our next Reach Your Peak Scotland Event will be taking place on the 2nd-7th May 2022. To express your interest in this event visit or email

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