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Entrepreneur Risk Management: Achieving The Highs And The Dealing With The Lows – Episode 25

A massive thank you to Chizubel Egwudo for inviting us along to his Podcast - The School of Risk.

"On today’s episode we have a very special guest Stevie Kidd.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has built his business to over seven figures. He is the founder of the Stevie Kidd Pathway and author of the book, The 1% Mindset.

Stevie and I will be exploring risk taking as an entrepreneur, reflecting on his own journey and how he has helped people develop the 1% mindset. Our conversation was so powerful that I had to make sure this was the first podcast to be released for 2022.

We dive deep into how to use the power of visualisation to achieve your purpose (please listen out for how he does it – I’ve never seen it done this way before), we also discussed how to train your brain to achieve the seeming impossible challenges, the value of understanding your mind and so much more.

If you are inspired by what you are listening to, text a few people to share it with them, share it on social media or send the link of this episode to anyone you know who is in business or aspiring to be an entrepreneur so they can learn how to develop the mindset for success."

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You can also purchase Stevie Kidd's first book 'The 1% Mindset' using the link HERE

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