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Coaching is Simply Unlocking a Persons Potential

Thursday 4th March 2021,

My life philosophy and one I have incorporated into my sons life over many years now, I encourage coaches into our lives.

Some would consider Stevie Kidd as a serial entrepreneur. He has been at the helm of several different businesses, which he has driven from start-up to seven figures. He’s also experienced crushing defeats, from which he returned and rebuilt, as part of his own personal journey. He understands more than anyone what it takes to succeed, in your personal life, in business and in fitness and he has the tools to take you there.

Stevie Kidd is an experienced and accomplished entrepreneur. Over the past 30 years, he has been at the helm of no fewer than 7 businesses, some of which have exceeded a million-pound turnover. Throughout this process, he has invested over £300k on his own personal development, travelling around the world in his quest to understand human behaviour, studying under the great Dr Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Tony Robbins, Dr Joe Dispenza, and Professor Lipton, to name a few.

So for many years now Stevie has had Fitness, Business and Life coaches all running side by side over the years. He takes his time in choosing his coaches but they must be very aware of the goals we want to achieve in our lives..

Stevie's son Ryan has had coaches in his life for many years also, but within Ryan's life I use a coach and mentors as terminology.

Stevie's coaching methods are simple - acceleration to destination at a pace of business or clients journey. Below is an example of a coaching session with Stevie Kidd, walking a client through many areas across life and business.

Why not walk yourself through this journey and see what happens at the end?

Ask your self.. Was this useful? We're doors opened? Did I find any answers? Do I feel a shift? For me movement within is all within the questions you ask initially then through sub-modalities you create within your mind..

So what is below is a journey between myself and a senior leader within a company.



Questions used to clarify vision, objectives and purpose. Questions used when clients descend into the "shoulds" and "oughts" and "gottas" of life.

What's missing from my life?
What do I really want?
What is most important to me?
What is the biggest change I'd like to make in my business and my life, assuming I had enough support to do it?
Where do I want to be in 5 or 10 years from now?
"When is good, good enough?
Who do I want to "be"?
What was I put on this earth to do?


Useful questions at the beginning of a session to ascertain client’s outcome.

What could we work on that would make the biggest difference to you?
What is the biggest challenge in your life or business today?


Questions used to help clients clarify needs

What is "good enough" for me right now?
What needs to become clear for me?"


Questions used to support clients in listening to themselves, questions that help clients stay focus and search deep inside.

What is the stories I am telling yourself daily?
Does my internal story get me what I want?
If I were providing myself advice - what would I say to myself right now.
What would my role model be saying to me in this situation? (Was that a different message to me?)


Questions used to help clients explore options

What are my options?
Which option best fits my goals?


Questions used to support clients in moving into action, be accountable and responsible. Questions that project clients into the future. Questions that tag into the emotional side of action.

How would improving myself make me feel?
Who may be available to help/support me in this?
What can I do better?
Imagine I wake up one morning and whatever challenge I had previously was miraculously overcome while I was sleeping. What is the first thing I notice that confirms something actually happened?
If nothing changes, what will that cost me?
Is there something I have always wanted to do but never tried? Possibly never even told anyone? Am I moving forward in the right gear?? Is it too high/low?? How can I change gear??

What is the smallest possible step I could immediately take, in the right direction?"
How willing am I to do whatever it takes to discover the highest and best of who I am?
What could I be losing, if I do nothing?


Questions used to open clients to new possibilities or perspectives Questions that expose self limiting beliefs and open a path to a new thinking

What assumptions am I making in my life today?
What are the underlying assumptions that I am making about myself?
Are those assumptions supporting me or bringing me down?
What do I need to believe about myself that will support me?
If my close friend was in a similar situation (maybe describe the situation a little bit here) what would I say to them?


Questions used to help client get an awareness of obstacles to reach target Questions to help client see where barriers may be and create the possibility of new solutions

What might be preventing me from doing X?"
Imagine that money, time and skill were not an issue. Is there anything that would stop me then? Specifically, what is/are the biggest challenge(s) I face?
What is the hesitation about getting started now?
What is standing in my way? What's the first step I can take? When will I start?
'What could hold me back in X situation?'
"So what's getting in the way of doing this right now?"


Questions used to help client express, face and minimize their fears

And what would happen - just imagine the worst?
What is the worst case scenario if I would actually go forth with 'it'?
What is the senior leadership team saying behind closed doors about me?
If my fear was really useful for me to develop my awareness of areas where I need to be particularly attentive, just to stay safe, how can I use it with high precision?
What would I do if I weren't afraid?
What is the worst that can happen to me?
What is the worst thing that could happen? Is that a risk I could live with?
What am I afraid would happen?
How would I approach this situation if I weren't afraid of failing?
What would be the best way to tackle that fear?
Where do I think I would be, right now, if it were not for my fear of taking a chance?
Where would I like to be, right now, in my career, my life, etc.? Whichever is appropriate for the situation...


Questions used when a client seems stuck, experiences confusion Questions to for situations calling for a change.

As I move towards my most inspired goal, what do I notice about who I am becoming?
What would it take to move me toward
What is missing, that if present, would have the biggest impact?"
What does it feel like to be me?
Who do I really want to become?


What happens to you, if you give yourself permission, drop the fear and do it anyway you will move forward looking back at an old you, empowering and motivating yourself to continually move forward. I in vest in me because the closest around me benefit and do I.

I watch so many people own businesses or have jobs but let the these areas define who you are, since early 90s I have always wanted more, so development and coaches have been huge for me personally in my journey as goal has always been to be achieve the most fulfilled life I can have - Stevie Kidd

Challenge and raise your standards being the example to others...

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Stay safe and well.

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