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Stevie Kidd decided to give away an incredible experience in 2020 when he created the Stevie Kidd Masterclass, a 12-week programme with multiple guest speakers. In the final week, we were joined by the incredible Dr Richard Bandler, Co-Founder of NLP.

Stevie shared the screen with Dr Bandler for over 2 hours, discussing topics around NLP and Life in general, and the Q+A session is undoubtedly one not to miss.

Stevie has now decided to give this product away and you can find out how to gain access to this below.

When we all experienced Covid and lockdown, my first reaction was to give back, so I designed a 12-week masterclass https://steviekidd.com/our-values/ (12-week feedback video within the link) 

The link below is week 12 of the 12-week masterclass I designed four weeks before covid came to the UK because I anticipated; I then took the week masterclasses which became the 12 chapters of my book “ The 1% Mindset Book”. Explore here https://steviekidd.com/shop/

Dr Bandler is my role model and mentor, and I interviewed coach Dr Bandler for 3 hours on his life’s work. I became obsessed with Dr Bandler's work in 2006 and have continued to be plagued as everything we do starts somewhere - it's called our "Neurology."

This video will help you in so many ways.

My advice, break it down into chunks or watch full episodes, then watch again, as you'll never take it all in. Still, it will accelerate your growth and give you a different perception of life.. it will also allow you to understand my work more and the pathway methodology. 

Stevie has developed himself under Dr Bandler for over 15 years and has been studying human behaviour and neurology in business for 4 decades and this is what makes the Stevie Kidd Pathway unique and different.

Click the link below and hit “Go” BECAUSE IT'S NOW FREE.


On a final note, we would like to personally thank Dr Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Kathleen La Valle at Pure NLP for making this possible. We really appreciate all their support over the years and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

To find out more information about Dr Richard Bandler's events using the link here - https://www.purenlp.com/

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